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10 Features To Include For A Successful Fitness App Development

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Fitness app development is trending due to the rise of mobile apps, offering countless applications for every imaginable aspect of life. Technology makes many things more superior and more straightforward. Sports are no exception. Apps and smartphones have become an enormous part of today’s sporting culture, making a significant impact, and gaining immense recognition. 

In this article, we have included all the best ways to ensure health and fitness app development.

Our experience in building such apps lets us understand all the trends in this realm, and we would be glad to share it with you. Overall, there are mainly three types of fitness apps. The primary discrepancies among them lie in the way they process and store the information.

Below is the standard kind of fitness application:

Training Apps:

As the name suggests, they are focused on workouts. Its primary purpose is to show its users what type of tasks and exercises to do and explain exactly how to do them. There are many training apps developed by a fitness app development company wherein each has something distinctive. 

Nutrition Apps:

These applications help consumers maintain their weight by calculating calories consumed and burned, regulating water balance, and supporting healthy eating habits. 

An ideal health and fitness app development will involve tracking how much tea or coffee they drink and keep their body weight and fat percentage under control. The focus of such applications is to set personal goals. When a user has a hard time sticking to a healthy diet, the app will help create food recipes and a grocery shopping list.

Activity tracking apps

The best fitness tracker app is the one that involves activity tracking whenever appropriate. It is there even for those people who do not have time to go to the gym or play sports but still want to make sure they walk enough.

 Such applications count the number of steps and count calories.The most exciting features they have here are estimating the sleep quality and smart alarm clocks that can wake up users during the deep sleep phase. Some tracking applications can also be paired with wearables; however, the smartphone capabilities are enough to gather data if they do not have that.

Now, it is time to determine what essential features are necessary for the health and fitness app development. After we discuss imperative components, we’ll discuss specific parts of each kind of fitness application.

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In general, there are mainly three reasons to use fitness apps: 

  • Goal tracking is an essential feature.
  • Health monitoring ensures comprehensive well-being.
  • Maintaining motivation is crucial for sustained fitness success.

Some of the features mentioned below are key to ensure leveraging fitness app development services as they help users attract and get what they expect from a high-quality app.

1. Creating an account : Accounts allow users to store information and retain their data if they change devices, and hence it is a crucial part. Moreover, it helps to compare the data for users with their peers. Comparing and competing makes the user more motivated to work out.

2. Integration: The practical and most convenient way to register an account in an app is through social networks and Gmail. With social media integration in apps, users can immediately see all their friends who use the same app and start sharing their social media results.

As mentioned, firstly, it motivates people as they can see their friends’ progress and secondly; it attracts more users to an app when they see their friends’ achievements.

3. Personal information: One of the best fitness apps will have collect and analyze personal data necessary as it helps in diet or workout programs. Calculating workouts based on individual data makes the activities more specific and are always welcomed by people worried about health concerns. 

Below are the essential types of data that the fitness app needs to collect:

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Height 
  • Weight

Your application also must be enjoyable to use, so it’s never a bad idea to allow users to add profile photos to make it even more personalized for them. And make sure that your fitness app development company offer measurements in either imperial units (pounds, feet) or metric units (kilos, meters).

It can be optional as your users might be used to different systems, so they will not understand meters if they are used to feet.

4. Configuring Notifications: They are crucial when it comes to reminders and some extra inspiration. The most common issue with doing sport and exercise is losing the excitement you had at the beginning. Weather, laziness, and other things or futile reasons can always invade the user’s brain to skip physical activity or stray from a diet. 

Additionally, users can fail to remember their plans for exercising, so the app’s task is to remind them. However, notifications can be adjustable, so they do not become irritating. Please give them a free hand to change according to their needs. 

5. Setting Targets: All fitness applications have permit users to set targets. Especially when it comes to diet apps, goals might be too calorie limits or pounds lost. Whatever the case, fitness app development services should pivot useful components for a person who needs to stay motivated. Users must see clearly what they are endeavoring for.

6. Settings: They are needed to make your app customized and effortless to use. Remember that the best fitness tracker apps will have a settings menu that must be reliable and thorough but straightforward for users.

7. Arranging exercise routines: This feature is exclusive to workout apps. The main problem here with most workout applications is that the patterns cannot be sometimes personalized. It’s always a good idea to make routines customization, as it’s more suitable for users.

8. Live Streaming: Ensure that your fitness app development company includes this feature as it values those who get involved in getting their body in shape. Live streaming allows users to show their workouts and consult with professional instructors online during the training process.

9. Make it a game: Games and challenges can be used to entertain and to motivate. By completing the challenges, achievements like those found in video games can be set up and competing with other users.

The fitness app development services should aim at making users compete, get prizes, and compare their results with friends. It has double benefits for your app increasing users and forming a habit for your users, leading to success for your app.

10. Maps and location tracker: As activity tracking applications are all about plans, it’s mandatory to have geo-location to make your app classier and more likable.

Options like Google Maps will let users plan routes, track their current location, and record workouts. Allowing the user’s map screenshots and sharing them on social media is always a cherry on the top!


Kickstart your business by hiring a fitness app development company while ensuring that you integrate critical features in the app.

Building a fitness application is not as easy as it may seem but leveraging top fitness app development services are bound to provide you with the desired results.
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