How VR and AR helps us during the Pandemic


As a business owner, there are several reasons to capitalize on AR app development and enter the market. The current pandemic situation is wreaking havoc across the globe, and healthcare authorities are hustling to create a workable solution.

We use VR for education & training to leverage AR in surgical procedural training and testing and locating the patient’s veins. The dual power of such technologies can help streamline a lot of work procedures in several areas.

Read on to get insights into the potential use case of AR and VR during the pandemic.


Healthcare Applications

Even before the pandemic, some of the best iOS developers in Germany or elsewhere worked on creating AR and VR solutions. The pandemic has only amplified this momentum. The products in trial or under-development phases are now tested and entering the market with their MVP.

  • Collaboration and collective annotation for setting procedural guidelines for the patients can be done effectively via AR. Further, the time of a pandemic begets data flowing in from all the corners. AR allows putting the data into a context and helps understand the script better.

The above-given statement is benefiting the patient by allowing the physicians and data analysts to understand the virus with better efficiency. It can be by any form of a solution, be it a custom application development or software that assists in data interpretation.

At the RIoT event held last year, it was showcased that AR can safeguard the healthcare staff by restricting the virus's contagion. More importantly, drug companies can leverage AR to understand the interaction of a drug or vaccine with the human body.


Applications in the Education Sector

Education is transitioning towards an immersive experience, even in the pre-COVID period. Solutions developed by the top AR app development company in Germany helped students understand a concept via visualization.

Case in point, HoloLens and HoloAnatomy are used by medical students to learn about the human body from their homes. The attention to detail proffered by Augmented Reality is unparalleled all across.

On the other hand, schools and universities want to recreate the classroom experience for the students. Here too, although some institutions might be just planning to pilot run a virtual classroom, the pandemic has unknowingly sped it up.

As an educational institution or a service provider, you can hire the best mobile app developer in Germany or a team of developers to ideate, conceptualize, and build a similar solution.

Yes, the pandemic has led to a disruption in almost everything, business, and daily life indifferently. But, with integrations stemming from the immersive technologies, we can move forwards towards a new normal.   


Product Preview

IKEA is already high on using AR to help the customers with the virtual placement of the furniture items in their homes. However, IKEA provides this service only for the iOS-powered devices at present.

Taking a cue from this, taking the assistance of android mobile applications developer in Germany, you can also create a similar AR application for any business.

At a time when the pandemic has restricted offline shopping, using AR and give the customers a medium to try clothes at their homes before buying is a great example of how AR and VR can help bring life back to normal amid a pandemic.


Moving towards a New Reality

Forced or not, the embedding of AR and VR in our lives via education, healthcare, or any other medium is here to stay. Especially with education, these immersive or extended reality technologies are going to create a more engaging experience. The three major aspects of a new world, storytelling, visualization, and annotation are beautifully covered by them.

Thus, the superimposition of AR and VR over the normal course of an individual life can be realized with solutions created by the top custom application development company in Germany.


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