How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Project?


From finding a reputable tech partner to onboarding, the hiring process can be arduous if you don't know where to start. 

We decided to share five easy steps to hire dedicated mobile app developers on how to recruit dedicated developers with the right skills quickly and within the budget for your project.

Step 1: Preparing the necessary documentation for the project

A successful software development project is based on thorough planning and detailed, comprehensive documents that explain your aims and requirements. Therefore, you need to ensure that your document and functional specifications on the product specifications are protected before you start the recruitment process. Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on potential misunderstandings or unnecessary modifications in recruiting committed developers.

Once you are done preparing a comprehensive overview of all the project's technical requirements, you need to look to hire a dedicated developer along with the team for its purpose, scope, and scheduled length. In turn, it ensures the following: 

  • Fasten the hiring process by ensuring the dedicated developers match your needs.

  • Setting up the expectations clearly at the beginning of the project for goal-oriented execution.

  • Plummeting the chances of unexpected changes in the scope and direction of the project.

Step 2: Hiring the best-equipped outsourcing partner to match your requirements

If you know where to put your attention when hiring dedicated developers, choosing an ideal technology partner can look like a simple task. Still, there are other things to consider, as well. There are several other significant aspects you should consider when recruiting committed developers from an outsourcing provider, in addition to technology skills and hourly rates:

  1. Company experience. Vendors with years of business experience have well-established procedures and communications that give them a better sense of your requirements and allow them to find a perfect fit for your project much faster than a new business can do.

  2. Reputation and market presence. When you are looking to hire a mobile app developer, the credibility of the vendor in the local market plays a vital role in its services. The higher the company's prestige, the more successful it is as a working environment and the more talented developers it has to offer.

  3. Domain knowledge. Technology, tools, and programming languages skills alone can be enough to create a decent product, but when you hire dedicated developers, checkout their website. Look for case studies and customer feedback to ensure that you have gathered a lot of information about your business and have proven experts.

  4. International certifications. It will deliver you higher quality outcomes by hiring from a supplier that meets globally approved criteria, mature management methods, and effective methodologies. Consider the credentials, acknowledgements, and tests such as ISO and CMMI while working through your choices.

  5. Geographical location, language, and culture. Committed developers need to be the most effective to ensure that your supplier is fluent in your preferred language and has the right cultural mindset for your project. Often, to set up effective process management, consider the time zone difference.


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Step 3: Passing on the necessary project details to the vendors

Be as straightforward and thorough as you can when opting to hire mobile app developers as the primary goal should be to put a seamless and efficient team in place. Provide all the specifications and technical documents you have on the project to the vendor's management, including the number of committed developers you are looking for, their project positions, the appropriate level of competence, experience, technical and domain knowledge, etc. The more knowledge you share, the more effective your committed manager will select the most qualified applicants to join your project.

To enhance even more compatibility, you should share your organization's standards, strategies, preferred methodologies, and management techniques when you hire dedicated developers. Do not be afraid to point to an applicant's attributes that you are looking for or feel will make them unfit for the tasks.


Step 4: Organizing one-to-one interviews with selected candidates

They will soon provide you with a slate of nominees with the expertise, qualifications, and portfolio related to your project specifications after the vendor analyses your request. And this is where applicants' interviews come in. Whether face-to-face or remotely, be sure to consider the technical skills and experience along with the professional and personal characteristics when you opt to hire mobile app developers.

Since you invite fundamentally new people to enter your company, it is essential to know that the committed developers you recruit have the right attitude to the project and the personality to synergize with your home team. 


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Step 5: Ensure smooth and straightforward onboarding for your dedicated developers

Well started is half-finished! It is time to get your committed developers ready to get to work now that you have found the most fitting candidates and finished with all the requisite paperwork. 

To ensure the quickest and most successful incorporation into your in-house team, dedicated developers will undoubtedly help you manage the onboarding process.  It is recommended to consider the below-mentioned aspects. 

But here's what you can do to make the process even smoother on your part:

  • To prevent any surprises and misconceptions, spell out all the aspirations you have for your new hires.

  • Provide the list of resources and all required access to work in advance for your new developers; prepare comprehensive guidance on your development environment.

  • Set up a team session to introduce their in-house colleagues to your new committed developers and explain then the roles and responsibilities of the project.

  • Fill in the current state of the project for the latest team members to ensure that they grasp the goals at hand and have reference to all the up-to-date documents.

You can ensure PRD (Product Requirements Document) and FCDD (Product Requirements Document) to work with the priorities, plan, working concepts, as well as technical frameworks and aspirations. All these must be articulated well when you hire a mobile app  (Functional Specification Document). That's nice if you have at least one of them, and that's better if all of them were already produced before the dedicated team recruiting was introduced.

Why don't you give it some practice now that you understand how to create most of the recruiting process? To help outline your project goals, contact Zennaxx technology experts and we will handpick our best-committed designers to fit your project specifications and budget!

The fastest and cheapest way to solve problems is to hire dedicated developers in Sweden and get the results that make all the difference. Fill this estimate form and talk to our developers and to carefully curate a team that is prepared to accomplish your comprehensive project.

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