Top 5 Useful Firebase Services For Mobile Application Development


Google developed Firebase to help the developers circumvent the usual mobile app development issues. Apart from this, Firebase is well equipped to help you scale the application as needed and help increase its engagement ratio. All in all, Firebase offers a one-stop solution to help any iPhone, web, or Android developer handle the nitty-gritty of backend infrastructure.

There’s a lot more about Firebase that you must know before starting to work on it. Stay tuned to know more about how Firebase can strengthen your custom or iPhone app development.


Top Firebase Services Aiding with Mobile App Development


1. Real-Time Database

Firebase boasts a real-time database, which means that instead of making the traditional HTTP calls to retrieve and sync data, Firebase does it in real-time.

Some of the top mobile application developers in Germany will realize the importance of updating the database in real-time. Firebase uses WebSockets instead of HTTP. As the Websockets work at trailblazing speeds, the data is updated in a jiffy.

The best part is that for all the work, opening a single Websocket is more than enough. As soon as the user updates any form of data on the server, every single client’s datasheet connected to that server is updated instantly.


2. Authentication

Authentication is one of the services provided by the Firebase Suite that helps in building better applications. The Firebase Authentication system works like a wonder for the trifecta services of Firebase; Realtime Database, Firestore (more on this later), and Cloud Storage.

Firebase authentication system is so great that anyone who has worked on it once, will refrain from building their system in mobile app development. Firebase supports OAuth2 framework for Google and other networking platforms.

Last but not least, the Firebase’s authentication system will directly integrate with the real-time database system amplifying your control over the data access.


3. Firestore

Understand that Firestore and Realtime Database by Firebase are two different cogs of the same central machine. They both work differently and have their own set of knicks and knacks to support Germany’s best mobile app development company.

The Cloud Firestore is better than the realtime database because it is easier to scale, faster to work with, and fosters a better application development experience with rich features.

Although both the systems are client-accessible databases, Firestore packs a bigger punch of services and functionalities.


4. Hosting

Firebase hosting services have aced the static content delivery, including HTML, CSS, JS, and Images. Working as a highly secure and proactive Content Delivery Network, Firebase fastens the static content delivery by leveraging the servers closest to the user.

You don’t necessarily need a custom domain to set it up, plus Firebase hosting invites no charge for SSL certificates. Even better, building a secure and robust RESTful API with Firebase hosting and effective configuration is a total breeze.

This is possible as Firebase Hosting lets you send and receive proxy requests and responses while writing HTTP type functions.


5. Machine Learning Kit

The top mobile app development companies in Germany 2020 and adept Android, Web, or iPhone developers integrate ML into the development process.

However, the fact that ML integration is not cut and dried for everybody further reinforces the need for Firebase ready to embed ML Kit into the development process. Even though the ML Kit is fully customizable, someone who has negligible knowledge about its integration can effectively use it for their benefit.

For others, who understand how to work with ML can create more sophisticated models of the application with the aid of TensorFlow.


Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service

Firebase caters to a plethora of more functions than what you see above. Apart from taking care of the development aspects, it helps with analytics, predictions, building audiences, creating engagement, scaling the solutions, and much more.

Due to its wide range of services and benefits, Firebase is called a BaaS for all sorts of dedicated developers.


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