Top 5 things to consider while developing a WordPress Website


WordPress benchmarks all these variables with its proactive approach to everything. A WordPress developer can use the platform to either create a run of the mill blog or manage websites like The Walt Disney, Pulse, and Microsoft New Center.

This leads us to believe that there is no platform that matches WordPress’s ability to handle and sustain Web and CMS development. So, what do you think about before building your website on a platform which controls 14.6% of the world’s biggest and best websites?  

Read on to get the answer…


Aspects to Consider Before Developing a WordPress Website

1. Domain Name

In WordPress Development, there are four different peripherals of choosing a domain name for your website.

  1. Top-Level Domain (TLD)
  2. Root Domain
  3. Subdomains
  4. Subfolders

All of them have different meanings and purposes. TLD is the tail end of your website’s address. .Com, .Net, .Org,, .edu, .gov, .info, and so on. All these are TLDs, and they are imperative if you want a user to land on your website.

However, choosing the TLD is also essential. It will help you enhance your traffic acquisition and assist with website maintenance while deciding the cost.


2. Hosting and Migrating

WordPress development also requires you to choose a hosting method, either it can be shared, VPS, or Managed WordPress Hosting. As the name suggests, Shared Hosting means that they are multiple websites depending on a single server.

This model works on the basis of economies of scale, meaning that, as the number of sites increases, the ultimate cost lowers down. VPS hosting is similar to Shared, but in VPS, you will get a better share of the hardware resources.

Managed WordPress Hosting is like a panacea for the WordPress developers in Germany. This sort of hosting leaves in the good hands of CMS, and your website will get a supply of services from WordPress’s own architecture.

This means that you will get a better speed, tighter security, and state of the art technology to manage the website. But, you will lose your flexibility and the freedom to download a wide gamut of plugins due to restrictions from the host.


3. Choosing a Theme

Even the pioneering web development agency in Germany cannot ignore the practical benefits of premade WordPress themes. Along with offering remarkable and niche-specific designs, they have a rock-solid foundation of codes, efficient readability, higher form of compatibility, and excellent support structure.

Plus, themes are great at cost savings. When a custom-designed website helmed by the leading web design companies in Germany can cost somewhere between $500 to $52,000, the premade and ready to use themes have an average price of just $100. So, choose wisely.


4. Security Measures

There are several mediums by which your website can be compromised. Some of these include:

  1. A Vulnerable Host (41%)
  2. Unreliable and exposed Plugins (52%)
  3. XSS Attacks or Cross-Site Scripting (84%)

First, set up a backup for your website, and secondly, ensure that you invest in formidable and trustworthy security parameters. While working on WordPress Development, ensure that you:

  1. Update WordPress regularly
  2. Use a different prefix than wp_
  3. Hide the WordPress version from the header
  4. Change the username (something else than admin)


5. Search Engine Optimization

Developing a website on WordPress or any other CMS without embedding friendly SEO practices is not recommended. If you want to attract organic traffic to enhance your viewership, SEO is a must.

Follow these fundamental SEO practices while developing the website.

  1. Generate an XML Site Map.
  2. Pan-website metadata and meta title insertion.
  3. Use other general SEO practices.


Ready to Build your WordPress Website?

WordPress development is easier said than done. Contrary to popular belief, building a website is not as straightforward as signing up, choosing a theme, migrating, or adding the content and voila!  If you want to sustain and generate revenue from your website at some point in the future, start preparing from today.

However, many WordPress developers in Germany can assist you with developing, designing, and maintaining your website if you need help. Ready now?


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