Top Mobile App Development Framework in 2020


Through time, we have seen a transformation of the application development methodologies and processes. The utilization of state of the art and platform-specific frameworks has played a significant role in this transformation.

From dedicated applications compatible with a particular type of operating system to cross-development and hybrids, this growth and transformation would not have been possible without performant frameworks.

Choosing a framework for Android or iPhone app development is easier said than done. Due to the wide range of services and functionalities offered by the platforms, selecting the one that suits your purpose is more complex than you would think.

Speaking from the capacity of the top android app development company in Germany, we have the acumen to use the right framework for any sort of application development.  That is why we have listed the best mobile app development frameworks for you to use in 2020.

Top Mobile App Development Framework 2020

1. Ionic

There is no better option to build cross-platform and hybrid applications than Ionic. Ionic is a lovable framework that boasts a complete set of ready to use UI elements.

So, any cross-platform developer can devote more time to the application's core functionalities than on the elements. Moreover, the open-source HTML powered framework is easy to manage, not to mention that if you use it with PhoneGap, the performance metrics will be off the charts.

2. Xamarin

If the aim is to create a seamless native application graced with superlative user experience, go for Xamarin. As the best iOS application developers in Germany, we are a part of the 1.4 million-strong Xamarin developers community.

The nativity and User-Interface development with Xamarin is a breeze. It can also work wonderfully as a cross-platform app development framework. Xamarin boasts a shared codebase, and it’s low-cost development expertise provides an unmatched experience to the developer and the application user ultimately.

3. React Native

Powered by JavaScript, React Native is also a great framework used by all the leading web development companies in Germany. React Native helps create feature-rich and performant applications having platform-specific functions.

Further, a react native developer can also create exclusive elements and components with a shared codebase only to be used across different platforms. With React Native, the iPhone developers enjoy a low-code development process and declarative API for a better UI and UX.

4. Flutter

Not only can you build awesome mobile apps with Flutter, but Google's UI toolkit is a great framework for building web and desktop applications. With easy to customize widgets having compatibility helps to create native mobile applications in less time and effort.

Based on an object-oriented programming language, Dart, coupled with a strong support base, Flutter allows creating high-performance iOS and Android applications.

More importantly, Flutter’s single code base for developing both iOS and Android applications is one of its key features. Flutter developers use it to develop highly engaging applications that resonate with the users.

5. PhoneGap

If you like working with JS, HTML5 or CSS, use PhoneGap for framework development. PhoneGap’s reliability and ease of use are a couple of critical factors for its popularity.

As the best mobile app development company in Germany, we use PhoneGap because of its robust support system and extended compatibility. Even better, with PhoneGap, you won’t have to worry about the restrictions towards the inbuilt hardware features.

Ready to Choose?

With so many frameworks sprouting now and then, choosing one of the many seems daunting. As a cross-platform developer, you must look at usage context, the license type, learning curve, the core library and language compatibility, scalability, and community support.

These parameters will assist you in choosing the right framework for your application development process.

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