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Android Developer Options You Should Try Out on Your Phone Today

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Have you ever used your Android Developer Options on your phone? Android’s settings provide a special menu to help you test and make some system-level changes.

The useful features of the Developer Options may help you get the most out of your Android phone when utilized properly.

You don’t need to hire an android developer if you are ready to work with complex settings exclusively that are ready for developers to test apps.

the developer options on Android are restricted by default. The performance of your phone may be impacted if you modify them without awareness.

With that in mind, let’s first look at how to access your phone’s developer settings.

What are android developer options?

Android Developer options are a hidden collection of options on every Android smartphone and tablet.

As the name implies, these are primarily designed for developers who want extra features to test the software and applications they create for Android smartphones.

You may activate debugging features or mimic app pressures using a variety of parameters. 

You may enable debugging through USB, log bug reports to your Android device, and display CPU utilization to assess the effect of your app using Android Developer Options.

You may also display debugging data on the screen using Android Developer Options, such as layout boundaries, GPU view and hardware layer updates, among other things.

There are many other possibilities, most of which will be listed below.

Let’s first examine how to open and activate Android Developer Options. 

Here is how you can turn on or off developer options on Android

Go to the Settings menu, scroll down, and then hit “About phone” to enable Android Developer Options. In that window, a Build number will appear. It needs seven taps.

You’ll then get a notice stating, “You are now a developer” after that. If you have a password to lock your phone, you might need to input it first.

Go to the Settings from the menu and choose System to the Developer Options. A new Developer options menu may be found by expanding the Advanced menu.

To disable it, press the slider to make them inactive.

Shop taps and pointer location

When you turn on the Show Taps option, a little circle will appear on the screen whenever a touch is detected.

This could be very useful if you want to record your screen to display the precise locations of the touches in a tutorial.

You may activate the Pointer position option to display the touch input, its route, and the precise coordinates at the top if you want more in-depth touch data.

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#1. Improve performance of phones by restricting background apps

The number of programs that continue to operate in the background may be chosen using the Background process limit parameter.

The maximum is four programs, but if you like, you can decide to have no background apps running. 

All your programs will be shut down after usage if there are no background processes, so whatever you’re doing right now will have all of Android’s attention and resources.

However, this does imply that moving between programs would take longer. So, if multitasking isn’t your thing, select this option.

#2. Tweak animation scale

Google enjoys animated videos. And it’s all over your Android phone right now. Naturally, these animations negatively impact a phone’s performance and battery life. 

The default animation playback speed can be altered when developer options are enabled. The Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale may all be adjusted to your preference.

#3. Disable absolute volume

This setting is default disabled so that the connected Bluetooth device and your phone share the same volume control.

You can resolve sound issues with your connected Bluetooth device, such as an intolerably loud level or a lack of control, by turning on the “Disabling absolute volume” option.

#4. Dark mode for all apps

No matter if you are using any android app development services, you can still leverage a system-wide dark mode option if you are running Android 10 or above.

However, some apps still do not offer a dark mode option. To allow dark modes in those applications, utilize the “Override force-dark” option.

While not every app will function completely with this, it will be useful if you detest using light mode.

#5. Boost gaming performance

Use the Force 4x MSAA option to use your high-end phone’s performance settings to the fullest as a gamer.

Some games and applications will enable smoother gameplay and better graphics for you. Meanwhile, higher performance implies that the battery will be drained faster.

#6. Fake GPS location

Want to download an app that isn’t offered in your nation? Using an app like Fake GPS location makes it simple to fake your location. Once the app has been installed, go to the developer choices and choose the debug app to build fake locations by scrolling down.

#7. USB debugging

The most popular choice on our list is USB Debugging for various reasons. When turned on, this feature enables USB-connected devices to communicate with your phone through SMS and collect data. This option may also allow root access, perform data recovery, set up APKs, and more.

#8. Display frame rate in real-time

You may enable the Show refresh rate option to see the smartphone’s current graphics frame rate if you believe a game is not operating at optimal settings.

Similar to PC programs like Fraps or RivaTuner, the option overlays a refresh rate counter on top of the screen to show the current frame rate in games.

It could be advisable to consider lowering the quality settings if the refresh rate counter in games constantly slips below 60 FPS to enjoy fluid gaming.

#9. Stay awake while charging

There is a setting called Stay awake in the Developer settings menu if you wish to keep your display active while your device is charging.

This naturally means that your battery life is not in danger, and it may even be quite helpful if the display needs your constant attention.

Use the power button to lock the phone while charging when this option is activated.

#10. Show all ANRs

Every process must display an “App Not Responding” popup if it freezes. Even if it is operating in the background, which is helpful if you need to figure out why the program you are creating is interfering with another process.

#11. Forces apps into split-screen

A helpful split screen feature was initially made available in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This function divided the screen into two pieces, allowing users to view two apps simultaneously.

However, the program must support the split-screen mode’s functionality, which isn’t always the case. For instance, the ESPN app does not enable a split screen, which is frustrating if you want to watch a game and read an article simultaneously.

You may alter this by turning on “Force activities to be resizable” under Developer settings.

Restart your device after activation. Even if the creators chose not to enable split-screen mode, all applications would now do so. Be aware that this approach isn’t flawless.

It may act bugged or crash a few times since you are using a functionality that the software was not designed to utilize.

#12. Enable ringtones via Bluetooth headphones

When wearing a Bluetooth headset, you will, by default, hear a generic ringtone instead of the one that plays on your phone whenever you get an incoming call.

You may alter this behavior so you hear your ringtone over your Bluetooth headset by turning on the “Enable in-band ringing” option.


Android developer options may assist you with your needs, whether you want to fake your phone’s GPS position, spoof its gaming performance, or root it.

This degree of personalization is what makes using the Android operating system enjoyable.

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