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In recent years, the development of smartphones and apps has grown exponentially. This means that certain businesses, especially those operating online, need an application to be closer to their customers in the new digital era.

Statistics show that people spend more than 3 hours a day with their smartphones, so you should be present in them. You may already have a responsive website, which is essential these days. However, those businesses that limit their presence in the mobile world to a responsive website do not foster customer loyalty, which means that potential customers can find you through a search on their smartphone or even buy something at it, but at risk of not coming back.

On the other hand, businesses that focus their marketing only through an app may lose the opportunity to attract new customers as the opportunities to appear in searches of the App Store are very limited. The most successful companies use their responsive websites to attract new clients and their apps to foster customer loyalty by offering totally personalized offers.

It all depends on the features needed and the size of your project. For us it is very difficult to assume the price of an app and the duration of its development without knowing the features needed, the platforms for which it will be developed or the type of technology that has to be implemented. Contact us and tell us more about your project so we can give you a detailed budget and an estimated delivery date.

There are three types of apps: native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. The option better suited for your project depends largely on three factors: the level of user experience you want, the complexity of the features your app needs, and the budget.

class="mb-20"A native app is written in the specific programming language for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows phone). This type of mobile application offers the best experience. However, a higher budget is needed to build it on different platforms and keep them all up to date.

A web app is written in web code so it is similar to a web page but more interactive. It is recommended for those who do not require many native gestures or functions like push notifications. It is usually the most economical option but they differ from the native app and can not be distributed through App Store or Google Play.

A hybrid app is a web app that translates the native code into a platform like Apple or Android. These apps use a browser view and allow access to mobile features such as push notifications, contacts or offline storage. Hybrid applications allow you to build multiple applications for different platforms quickly, especially for those with a basic level of features and design. For the more complex they do not work as well as the native ones. Contact us and we will help you decide which option is best suited to the objectives of your business.

Yes, we support all the apps we build in different ways. If you want to be able to update the application on a continuous basis (several times a month), we offer you a monthly fee, which includes support for updates and improvements. If you do not need periodic updates, but you want to be able to update the app from time to time (every 6 months, for example), we also give you the option to carry out ad-hoc updates, which does not have a monthly fee and you only have to pay for the working hours used to carry out the update.

All our apps are developed following the strictest quality controls to ensure that we deliver products that work perfectly. However, we are aware that an application without errors or bugs is practically a chimera. With a market so saturated with models with different technical specifications, screens, resolutions and operating systems, it is common to find small errors or bugs over time. At Zennaxx we take care of supporting your app and solving those small errors totally for free during the first month.


We do not use prefabricated templates, instead we develop your site from scratch. The cost depends on the website's size, structure and characteristics. We need to know all this data in order to offer a proper budget. Contact us and tell us about your project and we will send you a prototype for free and the estimated cost.

It depends on its size and characteristics, of course. Given that it takes more work than one might think, usually it takes 3 to 8 weeks to build it.

We build websites with the purpose of improving their ranking in search engines, using the best "SEO on page" techniques and integrating tools like Google Analytics or Yoast.

Responsive or adaptive web design is a web design technique that seeks the correct visualization of the same page in different devices. Today we access websites from all types of devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones ... so it is mandatory that your website is displayed perfectly on every single device. To do this, we resize and place the elements of the web so that they adapt to the width of each device allowing a correct visualization and a better user experience.

The responsive design allows to reduce the development time, avoids duplicate content, and increases the virality of the contents since it allows to share them in a much faster and more natural way. Check if your website is responsive here. If it is not, contact us and we will adapt your website to all devices.

Yes. We help you register a domain and the hosting. In addition, we set up a corporate email.

CMS stands for Content Management System. We strongly recommend adding it to your website as it will save you time and money in the long run. You will be able to update your website in a matter of minutes, we will show you how to do it.

CMS stands for Content Management System. We strongly recommend adding it to your website as it will save you time and money in the long run. You will be able to update your website in a matter of minutes, we will show you how to do it.

Most likely you will be dealing with freelancers working with WordPress templates or similar resources. They do not guarantee a professional design nor are they available at all times. Templates do not fit the needs of your business, are not optimized for search engine positioning, nor do they guarantee a good conversion. Your design would not be original and you could not differentiate your business from your competitors. Remember that a website is your online showroom, open 24 hours, that reflects your brand image, therefore, it shouldn't be treated lightly.

The service they offer is often very limited. Even if the monthly cost is not so high, it is an indefinite cost while the web is active. Plus, web templates are not as easy to edit as they look. It is probably that, after spending some time tweaking the template, you will realize that does not fit your needs at all or that the thing you wanted to add on your site is not possible to build on that template. All these problems are solved with a unique website. A unique website not only stands out for its colors, images and text used, but the uniqueness is measured by its design. Keep in mind that most of the templates they offer have identical structures, so your website would not differentiate and would not attract potential customers.

Of course. If you need it, we will design your corporate identity too. We can design a logo and a visual identity manual so both, brand and web, go hand in hand.


Yes, at Zennaxx we do not work with templates because we believe they are very generic, have very basic characteristics and give little value to your business. In addition, another store might use the same template you use, which could damage your brand significantly. At Zennaxx all designs are original, designed from scratch to your specifications.

We work with any platform, although the most requested are usually platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento. If you want to create a store from scratch, we will advise you what type of platform may be best for you, and we will develop your store accordingly. If you already have a store but want to redesign it, simply tell us which platform you use and we will take care of the rest.

Not at all. Whatever the service you use, it can be integrated into your online store without any hassle. Just tell us the name of the service and we will take care of the integration.

Of course. All our stores are responsive, which means that they adapt their content perfectly to all kinds of devices. Your customers will be able to purchase from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

We give different options for the customer to choose. Different payment gateways can be integrated for debit or credit cards, paypal or stripe payments, etc. You decide, and if you are not sure which one is better for you, we will advise you.

Of course. Apart from the protection systems of each payment gateway, our stores have SSL certificates that guarantee an encryption in the communications between the customer and your store, making the payments completely safe.

Yes, we do. We will integrate any analytical tool you need. By default, we always integrate Google Analytics in all our projects, but if you need something more complex and advanced, we can also integrate other tools like Hotjar, CrazyEgg, Optimizely and many others.

Unfortunately, there is no standard price for an online store, since it depends on many factors such as its complexity, the number of functionalities to implement, plugins to integrate, etc. If you want to know more about how much your online store would cost, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us more about your project. By doing so, we can have a more accurate idea of what you need and give you an estimated budget.

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