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Mission Planner is focused on ensuring that daily tasks are well-documented, completed on time, and tracked for progress. It involves creating a system or tool that enables users to quickly and easily take note of their daily tasks, set deadlines for each task, and monitor their progress towards completion. Individuals or teams in various settings, such as in the workplace, educational environments, or personal life can use this system.

Overall, the Mission Planner aims to improve task management and productivity, by providing a user-friendly tool that supports effective planning, monitoring, and completion of daily tasks.



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The primary challenge faced by the client was the limited feature set available during the sign-up process, which restricted new users to provide basic information, namely their email address, user ID, and password. Additionally, upon logging in, the user was only able to view the card scheduled for that particular day on the homepage. In the "My Cards" section, the user had access to a menu that displayed all available cards. However, this menu was constrained to only two categories of cards: user-created and purchased cards, and a limited number of filters could be applied to search through them.

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Our primary focus was to enhance the app's functionality and add new features to overcome the aforementioned limitations. We aimed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience to the users by incorporating several new features in the app.

We added new features to Mission Planner's "My Cards" section, including Single and Card Set categories, and an "Add Card" feature. We also added a Group function for public and private groups, a Store function for purchasing card sets, and an analytics feature with a graph. Users can customize their settings for notifications, hiding card lists, and more.



The new features we added to Mission Planner's app provide several benefits for users. The Single and Card Set categories in the "My Cards" section make it easier for users to create and manage multiple cards, saving them time and effort. The "Add Card" feature makes it simpler for users to add cards to their calendars, improving their organization and productivity. The Group function helps users to collaborate with others in a public or private setting, streamlining communication and coordination. The Store function enables users to purchase card sets from other users, increasing their access to a wider range of card options. The analytics feature allows users to track their progress and performance, helping them to monitor their achievements and make improvements. Customizable settings for notifications, hiding card lists, and other options allow users to tailor the app to their preferences, providing a personalized and efficient experience.

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