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No one can imagine today's world without social media, and it has become an intrinsic part of our life. It provides users with a platform from which we can connect personally and professionally. From the business perspective, social media app development ensures leveraging the growing markets. When creating social media, it is crucial to have a social media mobile app to achieve the desired goals.

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Advantages of Social Media App Development

Provide users with the top social media experience and help them stay connected to the world. Many services have been coming into the application market, so it becomes important to have a social media app for any business to stay competitive in the game.

Better outreach

Better outreach

Let users and businesses unlock the door to wider reach with social media app development services. The dedicated social media app would help a business or brand better reach the relevant audience.

Direct and constant engagement

Direct and constant engagement

Once you create a social media application, service providers and users can constantly and directly engage with each other without any barrier to offer a more personalized experience.

Drive website traffic

Drive website traffic

Offer a great way for businesses to improve web presence and drive social media traffic by creating social media applications tailored for business use like LinkedIn.

Increasement of branding

Increasement of branding

Provide businesses with better social platforms to offer great branding platforms by hiring a social media app development company.

No additional cost for advertisement

No additional cost for advertisement

A tremendous amount of money has been spent on social media advertising every year. And most of them are spent by brands to gather customer data to target the relevant audience.

Feedbacks from users

Feedbacks from users

Whether it is about sales or development as per their convenience, businesses seek to get valuable feedback from their users to make necessary changes to grow the business.

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Features of Social Media App Development

Profile Customisation
Profile Customisation Profile Customisation
Profile Customisation
User Profile User Profile
User Profile
Video streaming Video streaming
Video streaming
App Integration App Integration
App Integration
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Quick Messenger Quick Messenger
Quick Messenger
Push Notification Push Notification
Push Notification
Security Security
Quick Search Quick Search
Quick Search

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Why Choose Us For Social Media App Development

Our team of expert developers can build a top-notch social media app that can deliver your business with a better conversion rate and user satisfaction. We conduct constant media market analysis to develop the best-in-class social media app to offer a seamless user experience with a great user interface.

Addressing common concerns

FAQs on Social Media App Development

The social media app development cost will rely on numerous factors such as app features, app category and app technology stack.
The cost of developing the real estate app will depend upon the complexity of UI and incorporation of features.
The cost of developing the real estate app will depend upon the complexity of UI and incorporation of features.


Services we provide

We provide cost-effective and secure services to create the perfect solution to meet your business needs.

web-development web-development


Creating high-performance, user-friendly, secure, and best-in-class web applications.

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mobile-app-development mobile-app-development


Progressive mobile app development to build high-performance and secure applications that run seamlessly.

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cross-platform-app-development cross-platform-app-development


We create a cross-platform app based on your business requirements that run across all devices and operating systems that best fit your expectations.

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frontend-development frontend-development


With years of experience, our specialized team of developers will offer you an ocean of varieties in the field of Frontend development.

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ui-ux-design-service ui-ux-design-service


Establish a unique online presence with our UI/UX design services. We offer creative and functional UI/UX to engage users.

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Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated developers, passionate about taking your ideas beyond the quality benchmark.



Hire skilled, talented, and experienced web developers to improve your business growth. Our Web developers have experience in developing featured-packed websites, web portals, web applications, or responsive web designs.

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Transform your idea into a secure and feature-rich mobile application with the help of a team of experienced mobile app developers. Hire dedicated mobile application developers from us and get the best solutions without breaking the bank.

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Hire Frontend developers to work on projects of any scale, magnitude, and complexity.

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Interactive experiences that help you in attracting and keep your users for a longer period of time. Hire a designer & tester with a creative eye that helps you in bridging business goals and user needs.

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Whymon, CEO

We had partnered with Zennaxx for two mobile app projects. One was a social media app for the election times while, the other was a social media app for the food niche. They provided excellent service both times. They understood our requirements perfectly, and translated it into a proper app. We were involved throughout the project. We really admire the speed and zest with which they work. We totally loved the results we got.

Plegium, Business Owner

Zennaxx Technology seemed like a perfect fit for our application requirements. They were committed to the project, and looked into every aspect of project development. Whether it was ideation or planning or delivery, everything was smooth and perfect. I would say, just like their mobile app, we also enjoyed a seamless experience working with them.

Asian Tiger, Team Leader

When you have an app idea, it is really difficult to make others understand, when it is raw and still in the ideation stage. However, with Zennaxx Technology, we did not face this issue. When I first told them the idea, they were on-board completely, and understood it right at the start. We had a smooth journey, working with them. They took care of everything, and offered us a top-quality product. I would personally recommend Zennaxx Technology to everyone, who wants to get a mobile or web app developed.

Consulting Agency, Managing Director

Zennaxx Technology did an amazing job with the application we needed developed. They were timely, perfect and responsive. Their communication was on point, so there was no room for mistakes. We really enjoyed working with them.

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