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Stay ahead in the ever-evolving technology landscape with practical insights, latest information, and valuable resources on software development, mobile app development, web development, web design, and e-commerce site development.

How To Develop a Live Streaming App

Live video streaming has become a new trend to create a bridge between influencers and their fans. Celebrities often tend to go live on Instagram or Facebook to get feedback from their audience.

Top Features to Include while Creating a Travel App

The travel industry is an integral part of the digital revolution that has happened over the years. The idea of creating a mobile app development for travel agency has gained immense power due to the changed inclinations and behavioral patterns among travelers.

How VR and AR helps us during the Pandemic

Almost every industry vertical can be structured or modified to integrate with Augmented and Virtual Reality. Collectively they are called immersive technology whose market size is estimated to cross $160 billion by 2023

Top Android 11 features that you need to know

Android 10 launched last year in September, and once again, Android developers outdid themselves. The all-time best OS Android never fails to surprise its users with its marvelous features.

How much does it cost to develop an app in Stockholm, Sweden

Mobile app development cost estimation is not a cut and dried process. Several factors play a role in identifying the final cost of developing an application. That is why no developer will be able to give you a precise estimate without first understanding the work scope and the requirements.

Top 5 Useful Firebase Services For Mobile Application Development

Ideating an application and dreaming about its success is not enough. To realize those dreams, you need to ascertain the proof of concept and develop a value proposition. These tasks are essential to identify the ideal development platform and are also one of the keys to success.

5 Things to Consider before Building Your App

CIO observes that 80% of the mobile applications are either abandoned or uninstalled after first use. Surprising, but true. Many reasons can accrue to this negligent behavior of abandoning the application. Does the end-user have a short concentration span, or do the customers get bored from an app too quickly?

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