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Why Zennaxx Is The Best Company In Sweden For Food Delivery App Development?

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The pandemic in early 2020 has made people wary of eating outside. And as we write this, there is a second wave of pandemic hitting northern Europe and other countries worldwide. People are locked in their houses and going out for dinner is a far-off luxury.

Amidst such a crisis, there’s one business that has shown growth – online food ordering.

This is where one can opt to leverage the strides and go for food delivery app development services Businesses plunging into the food delivery apps in Sweden will turn fortunes as the on-demand food delivery is a saviour for those who have no time to cook due to tight work from the home schedule and not go out to have it.

Now it is your chance to make it easy for consumers to enjoy scrumptious food in the comfort of their home.

It all starts by hiring the best company for food app development services and ensuring all the necessary features make a great app.

Key Features of Food Delivery Mobile App

1. Live Tracking — It is an integral component of an app for food delivery. While an individual is waiting for his food, he might be keen to check his order’s status. This is a must-include function, therefore.

2. Payment option — Most of the on-demand apps developed by Zennaxx will have the payment option to offer users convenience.Because not everyone is on the same page when paying for an order, it must ensure that the app has several payment options.

The form of payment via credit and debit cards was the most used with most people going digitally. Digital wallets should also be connected to the distribution application.

3. Loyalty Bonus: Loyal customers should, from time to time, earn a reward. This helps to create a monopoly and to win loyal clients.

4. Push notifications —  One of the most critical aspects that any best company for food app development services follows is to pull users back to using an app with push notifications..If something new is being implemented or some new offer has been introduced, the customers should be informed.

5. Order customisation — This is another critical choice when developing a food delivery app in Sweden. Let customers customise the food they like to order. 

6. The address book: The app should have the function of adding multiple addresses for different places, like home, work, etc.

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What makes Zennaxx the best food delivery app developer in Sweden?

At Zennaxx Technology in Sweden, we create a food delivery app that serves as a meeting platform for consumers and restaurants.

Customers place orders here, and the app can forward orders to restaurants. The app is not obliged to include the delivery service or the rider. For instance, if you place an order via Domino’s app, the assigned Domino’s rider delivers the order. Same way, you can have a dedicated app for food delivery for your restaurant in Copenhagen and elsewhere in Sweden. 

Our app delivery tactics blended with robust technology use, making Zennaxx the best food delivery app developers in Sweden. 

Check out our range of inclusions in the food delivery app.

With Logistic Food Delivery App Model

The rider is one of the most significant features for a food delivery app. If you are responsible for getting the food delivered on time, you are already ahead of your game. This model of the app allows the client to interact and position their order with the restaurant. Also, they appoint a rider who will collect and deliver food from the restaurant to the customer.

All the apps developed by Zennaxx will follow a step-by-step guide, and creating an on-demand food delivery app in Sweden is no different. 

Food Delivery App – Restaurant Panel

Business owners also will have to go through a process of registration and login from the app itself, and for the legitimacy of the company, they have to apply extra. The developers will share the operation’s specifics with the restaurant government in the documentation for food delivery apps.

Dashboard: The restaurant owner will be redirected to the homepage to access the dashboard after creating an account. You can monitor the pending orders and completed orders here for better perspective and a rundown of what’s happening.

Accept or Decline Orders: This is the most crucial aspect of creating on-demand food delivery apps, as it is an important concern to deliver the food in time. If it takes longer than the expected time, users will cancel the order, and this delay will count as a failure and will leave a negative impact.


Since not all restaurants may only offer delivery, it is up to the rider to approve or deny the order.

Manage Restaurant Account: By adding their business pictures, name, logo, food photos, hours of operation, minimum order number, and adding all the menus available along with the price and estimated delivery time, each restaurant owner may set an account. For any specific item, they may also mention discounts from their end.

Payment: Users will pass the money to banks or some other network such as PayPal or the Wallet app according to their paid portion preferences. The regular income reports can also be an additional feature along with the entire past.

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Food Delivery App – Rider Panel

The first thing we ask them to confirm when an entrepreneur comes to us with questions like how to create a food delivery app in Sweden is whether or not they want to have a rider’s panel.

Login: To access the programme, the rider will receive login details from the admin.

Order Request: If the customer places an order, it is automatically assigned on the web. Each order will reflect the order ID, client name and delivery address. The rider may approve or deny the delivery request on the online delivery request.

Order Delivery: If approved, the delivery person will deliver the order to the customer’s place and complete the process. The order will undergo execution, including being put in the kitchen, packed, and sent.

Order History/Logs: The delivery boy can review previous orders through this panel. When creating an app like Zomato, it’s crucial to carefully handle each feature. Filters such as date range, status, and ID will make the verification process simpler.

Call/Chat: Development costs for on-demand food delivery apps include the price of implementing an in-app calling and messaging feature. This promotes contact between customers and the delivery person.

Push Notifications: All the food delivery apps developed by Zennaxx will push notifications for the delivery person who will get a notification from the customer panel or the restaurant panel for any update.

Wallet/Get Paid Offline: The admin compensates the delivery person weekly or monthly. If the delivery boy has an in-app wallet, the system credits the wallet when transferring payments to a bank account.

GPS Tracking: It is critical for the client and the restaurant to monitor the delivery boy’s location. The customer can also direct the delivery boy to their exact position with GPS tracking.

Transaction History: In their ordering food app documents, this is an important feature that one needs to note. The delivery boy can review the previous transactions and see his total revenue in just a single click.

Online Support: Having this feature in your app is critical. If the delivery boy faces many problems, he should contact the support team to get urgent assistance.

Google Map Navigation: The reason why Zennaxx is the best company for Food Delivery App Development is that the delivery person is given the precise navigations by integrating the google maps API in the app. 

Food Delivery Mobile Application – User Panel

Customers benefit from a seamless on-boarding experience with quick login after successfully downloading and installing the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, thanks to working with the best company for food app development services.
Login: Complete the login process effortlessly through easy social media integration from Facebook, Gmail, or with a single OTP confirmation on the customer’s mobile number.

Location: When talking about creating the food supply app, one important feature is the picking place. The app displays the list of available restaurants based on the user’s position and measures the approximate delivery time.

Homepage: The importance and the characteristics of its homepage must be well studied when designing an app like food wave. Let your app show nearby restaurants, most ordered dishes, and other handy items your customer needs.

Menu: This is another aspect of an on-demand mobile food aggregator app that is most notable. Before making the final payment, let the buyer check his order and other information.

Set Pickup on the Map: Either let your address be picked up by GPS so that the app knows your exact position or select your pickup location on the map manually.

Payment: It is time to make the final payment until everything is checked and validated. Let the consumer select the one that fits them best from different payment methods.

Review Screen: The food delivery app development in Sweden must have the review segment, which must also be part of the cost of creating a delivery app. For each restaurant in detail, let users write reviews and comments in the section.

Past order: To make reordering simpler, let the app reveal past orders.

Deals and discounts: allow your users to be updated about their favourite restaurant’s offers and discounts. A significant feature that your distribution app developer needs to include in your product is push notification.

Contact Information: Ensure effective communication by checking and exchanging information between clients, restaurants, and riders as needed.

Track delivery boy: Track the delivery boy’s exact position and see him arrive in real-time.

Search: This section is located at the top of the home page screen and is needed for the on-request food delivery application. Comparing food supply app prices is a significant consideration and choosing the best company for food app development services ensures the same.

Refining search: As a business or entrepreneur, it is also possible to keep an option to filter items like delivery time, ratings, deals and sort the list by the user’s choice of up and down prices.

Delivery Personnel Panel

Registration: On the app, the delivery person can register himself/herself to update their availability. To ensure safety and protection for the overall operation, they need to be checked first by the app. Upon completion of the verification process, drivers may take orders and start delivering them.

Order: The delivery person receives requests for automatic order from nearby restaurants.

Delivery history: Perhaps, one of the reasons why Zennaxx is the best company for food delivery app development in Sweden – it gives the delivery person the ability to monitor the delivery and payment for each delivery.

Call/Chat: This feature helps the delivery boy contact the customer if there is a problem with searching for addresses of customers.

Online support: Consider this feature in your app to allow the supplier to contact the app support team.

Managing orders: The delivery person may check if they receive orders and approve or reject orders through this function.

Status update: The online food delivery app will have this function to help the deliverer update the delivery status.


At Zennaxx technologies in Sweden, we have a quick way to reach an agreement with our clients. We only share the proposal online with our customers and a small demo of the mobile app development services for food delivery.

Once you decide to buy our services, our dedicated on-demand food delivery app developer will be assigned for the project to give you timely updates.

Start by getting an estimate for developing a food delivery app.

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Jay Bhalani

iOS developer
Jay Bhalani is a seasoned iOS developer with over 9 years of experience in Swift and Objective-C. Specializing in crafting innovative and user-centric mobile applications, Jay excels at translating complex ideas into seamless user experiences. His passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements and a proven track record of successful projects make him a valuable asset in the field of iOS development.


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