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12 Best Java Frameworks You Should Know

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Java is an object-oriented programming language (OOP) that has existed since 1995.

Developers use Java to create applications that work within specific domains.

Java is different from JavaScript, a separate programming language made by another company around the same time.

Apps with Java can run in browsers, servers, or virtual or container environments, while JavaScript is limited to running in browsers.

Java frameworks are unique to the Java language and provide a platform for building software and applications.

These frameworks consist of reusable code templates that developers can customize to create their applications.

Frameworks are designed for repeated use, helping developers build applications without starting from scratch each time.

Here, we explore the Java development frameworks and why you should choose Java for your project.

Java Framework

Why Use Java Frameworks?

Java frameworks provide guidance and organization when developing applications.

By utilizing web development, testing, and ORM (object-relational mapping) frameworks, programmers can achieve consistent outcomes and automate tasks.

The majority of Java web development frameworks are front-end frameworks for the user interface and back-end frameworks for server-side logic.

These frameworks simplify developers’ work and allow them to focus on business logic rather than repetitive code throughout the application.

Java frameworks may contain predefined classes (groups of objects) and functions to handle input, process data, manage hardware, and interact with system software.

The choice of framework depends on the developer’s goals, skills, and preferences.

Do you want to learn more about the differences between front-end and back-end development? Our article provides a more in-depth explanation.

Benefits of Using Java Frameworks for Web Development

Because of the pre-built modules and libraries, it improves performance and scalability when developing web applications.

Java provides many significant benefits for web development. Here are some of the best advantages of using the best frameworks for Java development.

Code Simplification

Java frameworks simplify the coding process for developers. They include libraries and preset codes, so developers don’t have to start from scratch when creating more straightforward code.

This means that using frameworks reduces the manual coding required, making the development process easier and faster.

Multiple Development Options

Java frameworks offer developers a wide range of options and features. They provide a platform that allows for the efficient development of responsive applications by establishing built-in standards and guidelines for developers to follow.

This structure streamlines the development process while verifying that the resulting applications follow best practices and are consistent.

Security and Reliability

A Java web development framework provides security and dependability for the web applications that it supports.

The framework ensures that applications are secure, reliable, and adaptable by incorporating Java security libraries, complex methods, and algorithms.

This ensures that the framework performs its intended function without causing problems or harm to your web applications, providing peace of mind and stability.

Better Support

Active communities and sizable forums provide strong support for Java development frameworks.

Developers can use this to ask questions, get answers, and seek assistance when needed. In-depth documentation is another feature these frameworks offer to aid users in comprehending and utilizing them.

Enhanced Efficiency

Routine tasks can be time-consuming when performed manually with multiple lines of code.

However, if you use the Java frameworks, you can accomplish these tasks more quickly with the help of built-in functions. This accelerates and improves accessibility throughout the web development process.

12 Popular Java Frameworks For Your Projects

Let’s discuss some of the best Java frameworks that enhance your project’s performance and productivity.

These frameworks offer a wide range of functionalities, including web development, testing, and dependency injection.

Each framework has distinct features and benefits that address different project requirements and development needs.

1. Spring

Spring is a popular open-source Java web development framework that facilitates the creation of Java apps.

Using simple Java objects, developers can now create applications with excellent performance. As a robust and adaptable framework for developers, Spring provides a multitude of features.

Features of Spring:

2. Google Web Toolkit

The popular Java development framework, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), is well-known for its simple integration and open-source community.

It is a popular Java web UI framework that is lightweight and can be used to create a variety of applications.

Features of the Google Web Toolkit:

3. Hibernate

Hibernate is apopular web development framework that provides developers with an abstraction layer.

It handles low-level implementation details like creating database connections and writing queries, allowing developers to concentrate on other aspects of development.

This is one of the reasons Hibernate is ranked first among Java frameworks.

Features of Hibernate:

4. Struts

Struts is a popular Java development framework that uses JSP, JSTL, and XML. It implements the MVC architecture as a Java MVC framework with a built-in validation framework.

One of Struts’ advantages is its model layer, which can be integrated with other best Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and JDBC.

Features of Struts:

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5. Play

Play is a robust open-source Java web development framework that is also one of the best for developing Java REST APIs.

It makes use of the Scala programming language to make development easier and provides type-safe RESTful web services, a web profiler, a web server, and an application server.

Features of Play:

6. Grails

Grails is a popular open-source framework in the Java ecosystem that allows you to create dynamic web applications using Java, Groovy, and SQL.

It is a robust framework that uses the Groovy language to help developers create dynamic websites and applications faster and with less effort.

Grails is well-known for its capabilities in developing enterprise applications, dynamic websites, and mobile applications.

Features of Grails:

7. JavaServer Faces

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a fast-paced, open-source technology that allows developers to create rich user interfaces with Java.

It is a top Java web UI framework that includes components for designing user interfaces and integrates with the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP).

Features of JavaServer Faces:

8. Dropwizard

Dropwizard is an open-source Java development framework that facilitates the creation of RESTful services. It primarily uses Hibernate for data access, resulting in simple and powerful object-database functionality.

Dropwizard uses a client API for database access and an HTTP-based API to protect communication between the application and the database.

Features of Dropwizard:

9. Vaadin

Vaadin is a popular open-source Java framework for web development that allows developers to build rich, feature-rich, cross-platform web applications.

Because it is written in Java, Vaadin is cross-platform compatible and uses Java Swing components to create web applications.

The framework includes a UI builder that allows designers to create user interface layouts efficiently.

Features of Vaadin:

10. Wicket

Wicket is a popular open-source Java framework for web development that allows developers to create full-featured web-based applications in Java.

It supports the development of desktop, tablet, and mobile applications and is compatible with J2EE containers such as Glassfish, Geronimo, Tomcat, and JBoss EAP.

Features of Wicket:

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11. Blade

Blade is a popular Java development framework known for its lightweight design and high performance in an MVC architecture.

It is commonly used for full-stack web application development and is compatible with Java Version 8.

Features of Blade:

12. ATG

ATG (Art Technology Group) is a Java-based web commerce platform designed for the creation of eCommerce websites.

It is a flexible and customizable framework that can support large-scale and complex B2B and B2C applications.

Although it may be costly for small-scale applications, ATG is an excellent option for eCommerce development and can help improve technical and domain expertise.

Key Features of ATG:


We have informed you about some of the best Java frameworks for web development using the Java programming language.

These frameworks are perfect for building server-based applications. Zennaxx’s skilled backend developers can assist you with your Java projects by offering high-performance Java web application frameworks.

Our team at Zennaxx uses advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies to help you build custom web application functionalities according to your preferences.

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