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Pico Act

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Zennaxx was crucial in transforming an Indian startup specializing in ethnic clothes into a huge e-commerce powerhouse.


Zennaxx pioneered Plegium's rise to the cutting edge of safety technology, introducing the revolutionary Combo Pepper Spray.


myoRx collaborated with Zennaxx to create the myoRx site, which addresses the imbalance in healthcare access for minority populations.

Mission Planner

Zennaxx developed the Mission Planner app for Android and IoS, a user-friendly tool for efficient task management.

Brendan Bass

Brendan Bass worked with Zennaxx for Designing to provide a unique furniture sale.


Geek culture fans can connect with each other, events, and worldwide street retail through Cosmunity, a platform built by Zennaxx.


Zennaxx offered Choomoa worldwide strength by creating a safe and user-friendly platform for remembering loved ones.


Zennaxx created stockSton a seamless inventory solution with user-friendly interfaces that increase efficiency.

Qualify Fast

Zennaxx created QualifyFAST, an interactive pharmaceutical revision website with individualized help.
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