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Why Should Businesses Opt For Android App Development?

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In this era of intelligent technology, mobile app creation is a profitable endeavour.

However, when planning an app, the first and most important thing one must address is determining what platform to build for.

Several smartphone operating systems are in use today. Bigger development firms may choose to work on several platforms all at once.

However, smaller app development businesses and independent developers have unique challenges in sourcing appropriate development resources, which means they must choose between several platforms.

This will have a huge impact on the company’s ultimate success or failure.

” Everything is managed smoothly via mobile applications loaded on our mobile devices. At the moment, 2.1 billion individuals on the planet possess a smartphone. 

Adults aged 25 and over use their phones about 264 times each day, including messages and phone calls. The figure is 387 times each day for those aged 15-24. If the average amount of sleep for this age group is 10 hours, this corresponds to a Smartphone engagement every other minute. “

This is incredible yet real. As a result, the usage of smartphones and mobile apps is unlikely to decline in 2021-22.

Only mobile app trends may reveal new hues. This blog article will cover the current mobile app development trends and what to expect in 2023.

Among the many platforms accessible for mobile application development, Android has overwhelming popularity over iOS. And the explanation is not implausible. 

Check out the key 8 key reasons why your business should opt for Android app development in 2021. 


Porting native Android applications to other mobile operating systems, such as Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Symbian is easier with Java programming language for Android app creation.

Additionally, it is very simple to convert Android applications to Chrome OS.

Microsoft has said that it would provide an approach that will allow Android applications to migrate to other devices easily.

Android Apps Architecture

Google’s architectural guidelines outline best practices for developing Android apps and the recommended design for developing high-performance, resilient applications.

Android architectural components provide a solid foundation for developing reliable applications.

With Architecture components, developers can write less boilerplate code and concentrate on the application’s distinctive code.

Android app architecture will assist the Android app development community in developing reliable applications and clearing up any misunderstanding about Android’s architectural patterns like MVC, MVP, or MVVM.

Lower entry barrier

Compared to iOS, developing for Android has a significantly lower barrier to entry.

Getting started with Android app development in India requires registering as a developer on the Android Market, creating your app, and submitting it to the Android Market.

In India, there is a one-time charge of $25 required to register as an app developer.

It is also possible to build Android apps on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Android development is considerably more accessible and has fewer entry barriers than iOS programming.

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Flexibility with features and devices


Compared to iOS, which is a closed platform, Android provides more flexibility in-app functionality.

The implications of this are that you have the flexibility to experiment with additions and build a product that is completely customized to the unique requirements of end-users.

Another great benefit of Android is that it’s particularly beneficial for startups since they are always trying to make new and creative apps with few competitors and aren’t already in use by others.

Both new companies and existing organizations will benefit from having a flexible application development strategy since this opens the door for corporations to bring innovative new applications to market.

Very seldom do all the workers at a business utilize only Apple products. Therefore, Android wins this comparison.

Access across multiple devices

Android has achieved ubiquity. There is an Android-powered gadget everywhere you look, from smart TVs to tablets, cameras to video game players, smartwatches to car systems.

Android is used in drones, cellphones, media players, and automobile players. 

The implications of versatile availability is directly felt by the developers who work to explore various possibilities.

These various gadgets offer different opportunities. Users of these disparate devices anticipate unique experiences and have expectations that vary from those of smartphone users.

As a result, Android application developers may create apps for any client group. This enables them to diversify their customer base and multiply their income severalfold.

Lower Development Costs

The cost of developing an application is determined by various variables, including the project complexity, the seniority of the programmers, and the geographic location of the coding team.

Android development, on the other hand, is usually regarded as more affordable than iOS development.

It is because all Android applications are written in Java. Java developers, on average, charge 10-15% less per hour than their peers who code in Swift or Objective-C, the languages used to create iOS apps (see the chart below).

As a result, Android is an excellent choice if your budget is restricted.

Gradual Learning Curve

There is much reluctance among Android application developers over the skills required to build Android applications.

One must agree that the individual must be inventive, discover market possibilities, and generate new ideas. Apart from that, here are some critical abilities:

Java: It’s critical to understand Java since Android applications contain Java code.

Second, XML is the second most critical ability for developing Android apps since it lets you work on the app’s layout and design.

There is a free guide available to help you start with Android Lollipop app development.

Limited Compliance

Developing a mobile app requires preparing for its running and what to anticipate once the program is created.

More flexible processes and quicker completion are often found in the Google Play Store. Thus, for example, an Android app evaluation takes only a few hours.

Two days on average, is the amount of time it takes for the App Store to accept or reject an application.

For the most part, this is because Google’s staff only does preliminary automated screening with high-level testing tools, after which they go to low-level manual testing.

While doing a thorough inspection from the beginning to the conclusion, Apple’s staff manually completes the assessment.

While publishing an app with issues or violating rules on Google Play Store is not recommended, it’s crucial to emphasize the same for your final product.

Opting for a platform like Android can help reduce obstacles on your path to the mobile app market.


While Android application development trends come and go, it is critical to stay current on technological advancements and capitalize on possibilities.

However, it is important to avoid the urge to follow every trend. Before leaping, carefully examine many variables such as technical competence, money, company needs, and infrastructure.

To summarize, with over 70% of the world’s population now owning an Android smartphone, creating an app for this platform is a compelling value proposition for businesses worldwide.

It enables them to reach a broader audience and achieve enormous fame.

Numerous Android development benefits also include business-friendly features that contribute to the platform’s increased market adoption.

Being an experienced mobile application development firm, Zennaxx technologies can assist you in developing creative and strong business applications that are future ready.

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Kunal Vaja

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