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What Are The Factors Affecting The Cost Of Mobile App Development?

Kunal Vaja

Founder & CEO, Zennaxx

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When companies contemplate large-scale expenditures such as mobile app development, pricing is often critical in determining whether a project can go ahead. However, as with many growing businesses, technology plays a crucial role in redefining business offerings.

Leveraging mobile application development services offer a customized approach as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. It’s entirely up to you whatever you want your app to provide and accomplish. 

When companies seek vendors for app development projects, they must establish a budget to get realistic vendor quotes. As is the case with any other company, two critical variables influence mobile app development price: material expenses (function and features) and labour costs. The cost of app functionalities is controlled by a system and goal, the functionality of the app, and the degree of the user interface.

You’ll have to pay the labour cost depending on how many developers and designers your development firm says they have, as well as how many are required to finish your project within the desired time-frame. More the functionality you need, the more money and people you’ll need.

Estimating the cost of mobile app development

The price of building a mobile app may vary significantly based on a variety of variables. Exactly how much does it cost to develop an app?

According to Clutch, a typical software costs $171,450 to develop, but an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) may be built for $10,000 to $20,000. 

The wide variation in app development prices is due to various variables, including the product’s complexity, the density of its features, the vendor’s location, the system software or platform, and others. To figure out how much an app will cost to create, we’ll look at all factors in more depth.

According to a report, mobile users consume over 50% of the total internet traffic. and over double the amount of time as desktop users.

On average, consumers download 30 apps each month, and mobile applications account for 57% of all digital media consumption.

What factors contribute to the cost of mobile app development?

Business Requirement

The primary element affecting the price of app development is a business need.

Budgets are often overestimated because customers are unsure of what they want. As a result, it is critical to document all the mobile app’s operations and features and decide on whether to go for Android or iOS? Which one to choose for your next mobile app development? Answering these questions will help to get the ballpark budget right to begin with.

Additionally, use your networks to communicate with as many developers as possible. The mobile application development firms in USA will evaluate your needs and then continue with the procedure. As a result, they offer a dependable budget for mobile app development.

Planning mobile development?

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Which factors determine the final cost of mobile app development?

What is the cost of developing a mobile application? Which features drive up the cost of app development, and how can you select the best vendor to save money on service provider fees?

Types of Mobile Application

Let’s dissect the application kinds and determine the average cost of each. 

Basic app

The simplest applications to build are calculators, calendars, and tiny games. These are one-month projects that do not need a network connection or backend development.

Basic app development cost: $10,000 – $15,000

Examples: A typical task management program where users may jot down all the tasks they want to do. A quiz application that enables users to exercise and demonstrate their knowledge via the completion of questions. 

Data-driven app

Calendars, maps, and weather solutions are all examples of data-driven applications that receive a large amount of data, evaluate it, and share this with users. These types of apps have dwindled in usefulness over the past several years and are now often launched as side effects. How much would it cost to build a data-processing application?

Data-driven app development cost: $15,000 – $20,000

Example: A normal calendar app

Apps with user authentication and personalized data

An authenticating app is like a loyalty app in that users must log in to access certain features. The program saves and syncs user data across devices. This is a more complex, and therefore more costly, project which will necessitate user monitoring.

Authentication app development cost: $40,000 – $80,000

Example: Loyalty app by Starbucks

Social network app

Social networking applications – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on – are self-explanatory. They must manage millions of interactions, conversations, and the sharing of information between individuals. All this requires a robust infrastructure service and a higher initial investment. How much would it cost to develop a social networking application?

Social network app development cost: $60,000 – $300,000.

Example: Instagram, Facebook, etc.

eCommerce app

Amazon, Alibaba, and other markets provide eCommerce applications. They need a broader range of services, including registration process, human engagement, catalogs, category pages and details, and payment methods. We offer a price estimate for a simple eCommerce app.

Simple eCommerce app development cost: $60,000 – $300,000.

Example: Amazon

The app development team

To find out how much an app developer costs in India, contact your chosen mobility service provider. They will provide you with a total price figure as part of their estimates.

It is based on the team that the mobile app development firm will assemble for the duration of the project. If you are looking to get an estimate, the overall number of human assets and their relative contributions to the process must also be included.

Generally, the top mobile app development firms in companies in Span and Sweden include the following members in a development team:

  • Designer
  • Lead Engineer
  • Backend developers
  • Testers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Web Developer (For administrative part of the app)
  • Support (for after-launch maintenance)

The top mobile app development business will charge according to the team’s expertise. The more skilled professionals you have on board, the easier your growth path will be. 

You can follow a step-by-step guide to hiring mobile app developers who ensure seamless collaboration with an experienced team and help them grasp the answer. As a result, your budget must account for this element of the team as well.

Pick A Platform

With iOS and Android accounting for 97% of the worldwide mobile market, the optimal strategy for mobile app development is to develop for both platforms.

This is not always feasible, since time, money, and resource limitations may prohibit you from simultaneously working for two OSs. Rather than that, you may want to explore starting with one system and expanding afterwards.

When budgeting for a mobile application development project, businesses in this situation must do market research to determine which platforms most customers utilize. Once you have this information, it’s simple to choose which platform to follow first.

There is nothing inherently more costly about iOS or Android development than the other.

Bear in mind, however, that if you want to support a big number of devices and OS versions, your applications will need more time and resources, and therefore will cost more. Cross-platform app development will spare you expenses of getting into iOS app development and android app development which might cause an increase in the budget.

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Consider Building an MVP Version First

If the cost of the primary elements of your mobile app exceeds your desired budget, do not rush into developing a comprehensive, full-featured app from the start.

Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as it will enable you to collect important user input from adopters, verify your concept with real users, evaluate audience desire, and then approach financiers for financing to develop the full-featured software.

The most risk-averse method of developing a fantastic app is via the creation of a minimal viable product. An MVP application should have all of the key functionality you need, as well as a strong user experience and best performance across all devices.

Once the MVP has been validated, you may continue expanding it.

Zennaxx’s approach to the cost estimation

Finally, the method used to choose a vendor has a significant impact on the app development cost estimate. Our extensive expertise and broad portfolio will enable us to collaborate and provide an appropriate product.

We understand how much more it costs to hire app developers, how to minimize risk, and how to capitalize on available possibilities within your mobile app development budget.

Additionally, we provide a variety of cooperation options. You can either completely outsource your project to our team, and we will manage the entire process, and you can use a dedicated development team, in which you hire our best professionals, such as development companies, quality assurance experts, and project managers, on a temporary basis for the project duration.


We’ve discussed how much app development costs and how to keep costs down. The reality is that there are so many variables that affect the cost of app development that without a reliable partner, you may get disoriented and overwhelmed.

If you believe your team lacks knowledge, call DOIT Software to get an estimate for developing an app that will attract your target customers, achieve your business objectives, and catapult your firm to new heights of success.

Although there are many more factors than those mentioned above when establishing a budget, these are frequently the issues that have the most impact on your overall final cost. Once you’ve agreed on a budget, it’s critical to monitor both overall spending and individual expenditures. As your project develops, it’s a good idea to check your budget on a regular basis to verify funds are now being spent appropriately and to guarantee you get a functional app on schedule and under budget.

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Kunal Vaja

Founder & CEO, Zennaxx
Kunal Vaja is founder of Zennaxx, a prominent software and mobile app development company. With 10+ years of IT consulting experience, he specializes in mobile app and software development, UI UX design, and DirectX. Kunal is dedicated to assisting businesses in turning their concepts into successful software, websites, or mobile apps that foster innovation and deliver tangible value for clients.


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