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How To Develop a Live Streaming App

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This article will discuss how to create a live streaming app and an overview of monetary strategies and highlight some pitfalls.

Types of Streaming Applications

There are many live streaming app development services in Sweden that businesses leverage to start the streaming platform. Therefore, if you plan to find out how to build a live streaming app, it would be better to know different streaming apps.

#1. Live Broadcasting Apps

Live broadcasting apps are created to watch videos in a real-time mode. It’s recorded and broadcasted at the same time. You can create a live streaming app that will post online games, podcast or an interview.

#2. Audio Streaming

Live video streaming app development will have both – record and webcast the stream. In the audio streaming app, everything will be recorded in audio format, which will be useful for podcasters.

#3. Video on Demand Streaming (VOD)

VOD makes it possible for users to watch TV series and movies without downloading them on their devices. Also, they can pause content, resume, and rewind it. A subscription is necessary for users to access this content.

#4. TV Live Streaming App

Once you know how to develop the live streaming app for business, provide users with the facility to watch TV online.TV live users to watch TV shows, sports channels, series, and so on.

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How to develop Live Streaming App for Business? A Step-by-Step guide

Here are the most crucial steps you should undertake to create a live streaming app.

#1. Choose a Content Delivery Network

CDN means Content Delivery Network, and it’s an important step to scale your server. It’s useful to option to have, although, you will need to pay additionally for CDN to cover everything. It will give flawless delivery of content without interruptions.

#2. Use a Reliable Hosting

To let the users render benefits of a live streaming app, it is essential to create a fool-proof live streaming app. It is necessary to select a reliable hosting that will make streaming service smooth for your audience. It would be best to have a robust server infrastructure to ensure that users will have a quality video delivery. 

#3. Think About Storage

Your content should be stored in a safe place that allows users to watch a video without failures or unanticipated distortions. 

#4. Attractive UI/UX Design

Appearance means a lot for your users, and they will judge your streaming service according to their first impression. It’s also good to analyze your competitors’ live-streaming apps and what UI and UX they use.

#5. Performing necessary tests

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Customers won’t forgive your mistakes because today’s market is very competitive. Therefore, you should have quality assurance of your live streaming app before performing it on a high level without fail.

Benefits of live streaming app development

Below are the features that you can add to your application to make sure it’s competitive with other market players.

#1. Signup Options

For building a live streaming app, one registration option is enough. It can be a simple registration with the contact number or email id and password. Also, you need to add the password reset feature via email or a text message for your user’s safety. Adding several signup options via social networks is also a good idea like Facebook or Twitter. 

However, your live video streaming app development should be relatively simple, straightforward and easy to use.

#2. Personal Profile

Below is the personal information which is sufficient for your app. 

  • Full name
  • Profile picture
  • Username
  • Subscription plans

Later, you can add more options. They may be:

  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Feed preferences

Personal information will allow users to check streamer’s popularity, find a mutual person to follow and share their same interests.

#3. Streaming

It is essential to understand the whole concept of streaming to get deeper into leveraging live streaming app development services. Streaming is a type of transmission that sends audio and video file from a server to users.

Streaming is possible only with streaming protocols. The famous protocol for live streaming is RTMP (real-time messaging protocol).This protocol is quite simple. A Media player will contact the server to develop a connection through response and sends the video file in return. It can be broadcasted to unlimited users. The only requirement is a high bandwidth on both sides.

For enhancing the user experience and provide them with the benefits of a live streaming app, you can store the stream on the server. Through this, your audience will be able to watch the broadcasts after it has ended. 

#4. Donation System

Along with payment subscriptions, donations are the key source of streamers’ income. A viewer who cherishes the broadcast can support the streamer with some money.

This feature’s main benefit is that users can apply a message to their donations that will be seen on the stream. It can also become a way of paid communication with the streamer.

#5. Chat

The main feature for any live streaming app is Chatting With the help of chat, streamers can communicate with their audience. That’s the primary way for streams to get feedback and keep in touch with their viewers. Chat is also vital for streamers as they can even monetize it.

This is why live video streaming app development for YouTube should consider streamers who want to send private chat and some donation. This way, they get one on one interaction with their viewers and earn additional money. Also, streamers engage their audience to subscribe with unique chat emojis and a chat status based on subscription duration.

However, there’s also some disadvantage with the chat option. Few users may spam the chat with inappropriate content and symbolics. This might hurt the feelings of some groups or caste representatives. Therefore, to tackle that issue, moderators are created by the streamers to take care of the chat.

#6. Video Quality

All the live streaming app development services should work its best to provide unmatched video quality.It is essential to remember to take into consideration the bandwidth of every user.Some audiences might have a weak internet connection; hence, it is vital to switch video quality in your app automatically. Contradictory, users with a high-end internet plan will prefer to watch the video with the highest possible bitrate. 

Therefore, the live-streaming app development company should know how to deal with the video encoding algorithms and make an optimized server for your app.

#7. Search

The next important step for live streaming app development is a search toolbar. For users, it should be able easy to navigate through their favourite streamers quickly. You have to give some filters to find new content that will match users’ tastes as sooner or later, users might get tired of watching the same channels every day.

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Here are some of the sorting options:

  • Via location
  • interests
  • Broadcasting topic
  • Language of the content
  • Popular streamer
  • Most like channel

1. Privacy

Streamers tend to spend a significant amount of their time with their audience, and feeling exhausted is common after specific points. Therefore, live video streaming app development should focus on more personal touch to your users by giving them the ability to choose whom they will broadcast is a nice gesture.Streamers can stream the video to:

  • One specific person
  • A particular group of people
  • Only in a certain area 

For example, Discord allows their users to stream only to those specific users who have joined the same channel with a streamer.It also allows for creating a separate list of users who are permitted to watch the video.


So, make sure to include this feature.

2. Screen Sharing

The answer regarding how to develop the live streaming app for business lies in whether you provide niche features. One of which includes screen sharing that has become crucial for any application or online conferences these days. You can show your screen’s contents, or you can also broadcast the image to your partner. Mostly for various tutorials and streaming games Screen sharing is useful.

Video games for desktops and consoles become famous many years ago. Now, game streaming is a place with thousands of popular streamers and millions of viewers along with large sponsorship investments. This niche became trendy with simple screen sharing, so investing some development time in this feature will surely be worth it.

3. Notifications and Schedule

Generally, live streaming apps are scheduled. They are like tv shows; viewers can be lost their link if they don’t watch one episode. Therefore, it’s crucial for the sake of user convenience schedule notifications during streaming app development. The live streaming app development services should provide users with their gadgets when a show starts. The subscribers will join immediately when a broadcaster decides to start streaming. 

Moreover, all these features will make a streaming app exciting for the users and streamers equally. By getting sufficient knowledge and including all the necessary tools, your application will undoubtedly create success.

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