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16 Healthcare Business Ideas for Startups To Build The Next Unicorn

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Healthcare businesses have been piqued over the years by new advancements in technology. For example, Activate Health helps users improve health, wellness, and productivity by using AI. Similarly, many upcoming startups and entrepreneurs are trying to improve health by leveraging technologies like AI.

This has led to the digital health market growing at a CAGR of 25% and an estimated value of $549.7 billion by 2028. There is no denying that this market looks lucrative for entrepreneurs.

But you need a unique healthcare business idea to have a competitive edge. Fret not! Here are some unique ideas to create the next healthcare unicorn.

Healthcare Business Ideas for Startups

healthcare business ideas

1. Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacy as a business idea has gained significance over the years, and Amazon’s PilPack acquisition made a strong case. Amidst the rivalry between Amazon and Walmart, acquiring an online pharmacy market saw massive traction.

Such a deal of $350 billion for an online pharmacy business was a positive sign for many startups and entrepreneurs. Online pharmacy apps allow users to order prescription medications and have them delivered. 

These apps provide a fast and accessible platform for searching, selecting, and ordering medicines, ensuring safe and timely delivery to customers.

Online pharmacy apps integrate consumer profiles with electronic health records (EHR) to access data on a patient’s previous treatment history and facilitate aggregation with pathology services.

These apps also offer features such as user authentication methods like biometrics, search and filtering capabilities for medications, and more.

Furthermore, online pharmacy apps simplify and automate tasks related to drug database management, drug delivery, and prescription management, thereby streamlining the process of healthcare services.

2. VR and Metaverse Apps for Mental Health

Virtual reality and metaverse apps are transforming your daily mental routine. It may sound like science fiction, but it is a reality in the modern app development market.

Take the Headspace XR, for example. It offers what you can call a meditation verse! It is a metaverse environment where users can improve their mental health using AR/VR headsets.

Such apps are interesting because they use cognitive behavioral therapy to help users overcome mental issues and negative thoughts.

Another fine example is Innerworld, which counsels people with harmful negative thoughts through anonymous avatars that leverage chats and interactions in the metaverse.

Similarly, you can develop advanced VR and metaverse apps with unique features to improve users’ mental health.

3. Medical Records Administration

Hospitals worldwide deal with massive patient records, including prescriptions, health reports, and regulatory documents.

Handling massive medical records can become challenging, which is where your app can help. A medical record administration app can help manage patients, reports, and critical documents.

You can develop an electronic health record (EHR) app that can help healthcare organizations manage medical inventory and improve efficiency through employee training on such data.

Some key features you can add to medical record administration apps are :

Developing a medical record administration app can open up new avenues for you to explore, such as offering pharmacy deliveries based on prescriptions within the app.

4. Telehealth Apps

Telehealth apps are gaining traction as a leading online healthcare business idea due to the ease of access to a doctor they provide.

Patients with recurring diseases and ailments who cannot move physically or reach a hospital have benefited from such apps.

Due to the massive customer base, developing a telehealth app can be a fruitful business idea for startups and entrepreneurs.

From hospitals to healthcare centers and special cancer treatment units, you can leverage the app to tap into the market’s vast user base.

Such traction for telehealth applications has led to the market in the US alone growing at a CAGR of 23.7%. With the growing demand and massive audience to target, telehealth apps are one of the profitable healthcare business ideas you can invest in.

5. Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Drug addiction is one of the significant issues that countries worldwide are dealing with. If you consider the US alone, 50% of the population aged above 12 uses illegal drugs.

With such a vast population struggling to deal with the drug addiction issue, creating a rehab business can be both profitable and help a cause.

Over the years, many different startups have tried to develop new healthcare business ideas, but rehab creation has been a recent trend.

Rehabilitation centers for people struggling with addiction can be created through counseling services both offline and online.

Leveraging innovative technology integration, chatbot assistants that use AI to Help people with addiction can be made through a gamification approach.

Healthcare Apps for Patients and General Users

6. Nurturing Health Awareness

Health awareness is becoming increasingly popular as a small healthcare business idea, with numerous experts, physicians, and dietitians providing essential information on wellness.

While it may not seem like an ideal healthcare business idea, you can create mental health resources that offer immersive experiences.

It can aid people in therapeutic interventions, anxiety control, and stress reduction. 

Metaverse and Virtual Reality (VR) can reach a broader audience. You can also provide online workshops and resources for corporate employees to understand mental health conditions.

Such workshops can help employees recognize signs of distress and develop skills to support their colleagues. Organizations can foster a culture of empathy and understanding by providing employees with knowledge and tools.

7. Alternative Medical Services

Alternative medical services are among the most profitable healthcare business ideas. 

Many people seek holistic and integrative health solutions, which you can provide by creating a healthcare business.

From herbal medicines to yoga and reiki sessions, you can use this healthcare business idea to your advantage.

Using the technology, you can build online services for alternative medical services where patients can connect with experts through video calls.

You can also create a platform where patients can schedule visits and have resources on specific practices.

8. Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has already become a profitable healthcare business idea due to a surge in patients traveling abroad for treatment.

Due to the cost of treatment, the US is one of the most significant target regions for the medical tourism business. This has led to more than 2 million Americans traveling abroad annually for medical tourism.

It’s a win-win situation, even if you want to build a global medical tourism business. The market is growing at a CAGR of 21.3%  for the 2020-2030 forecast period.

However, if you want to capitalize on this market, you need a unique service.

Here is what you can include in your medical tourism business :

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9. Surgical Scrubs and Uniforms

This niche healthcare business caters to operational apparel requirements. As an essential component of hospital attire, these garments must meet strict standards for sterilization and hygiene.

Businesses can innovate this healthcare business idea by blending materials and designs that combine comfort, safety, and function.

You can leverage healthcare app development services to create an online platform for purchasing scrubs and uniforms. Using technology, you can convert this online healthcare business idea into a profitable entity.

10. Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are the backbone of daily healthcare operations, catering to various healthcare applications. This sector thrives on a robust demand perpetuated by continual healthcare activities, from routine clinical operations to emergency responses.

You can create a business for medical supplies of diagnostic tools, syringes, and personal protective equipment.

Entrepreneurs can benefit by transforming this healthcare business idea into an online entity. Startups can create a marketplace for connecting hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers for secure transactions.

11. Home Healthcare Facility App Concept

A Home Healthcare Facility app provides medical services directly to patients at their homes, giving them convenience and personalized care.

This service benefits the elderly, disabled, and those requiring post-operative or chronic disease management. The app offers advanced features such as

12. Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services are essential for accurately transcribing medical voice recordings into written documents.

This helps maintain detailed and precise patient records, vital to quality medical care. Some of the advanced features of this service include:

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13. Health Information Web App

Converting a health information website into a mobile app can be a lucrative healthcare business idea for startups. The app can access paid content, including educational articles, research papers, and the latest health news updates.

AI algorithms can analyze the user’s reading habits and recommend personalized content. This ensures that users have easy access to the most relevant health information tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, various interactive tools, such as symptom checkers and personal health assessments, can be integrated, allowing users to engage with their health data and gain valuable insights actively.

The app can also send push notifications to users, informing them of breaking health news and the publication of new research in areas of their interest.

This keeps users up-to-date with the latest developments in the healthcare domain. With these advanced features, you can convert a health website into a mobile app and improve the accessibility and personalization of credible medical information for users.

14. Stylish Uniforms for Medical Professionals App

Another healthcare business idea is creating an eCommerce platform exclusively for trendy and functional medical uniforms. It would offer healthcare professionals a wide range of stylish and practical options.

You can integrate augmented reality (AR) features, allowing users to try on the uniforms virtually and see how they look. Users can customize their uniforms and preview the final product before purchasing.

The platform would provide real-time updates on the status of orders, from placement to delivery.

Further, you can design the eCommerce app to offer multiple categories of products, like hearing aids. Create a special section in your eCommerce app that focuses on streamlining the selection, fitting, and purchasing of hearing aids for users.

You can integrate in-app hearing tests and enable users to schedule virtual consultations with audiologists.

The eCommerce platform can also have a section where users can share their experiences, reviews, and hearing aid device ratings.

With your platform, healthcare professionals can access a comprehensive solution that caters to their diverse needs.

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15. Respite Care Service for Caregivers App

The respite care services market is set to grow at a CAGR of 5.7%, making it attractive to many startups. Designing an app makes more sense if you consider creating such a service.

Creating an app for this healthcare business idea can cater to caregivers’ needs. The app will make booking temporary respite care services easier.

You can add advanced features, including flexible scheduling, allowing caregivers to choose the duration of respite care that best suits their needs.

You can also integrate AI algorithms to match clients with compatible respite care workers based on the specific needs of the caregiver and care recipient. 

It can also provide access to support groups and educational resources, empowering caregivers with the tools and information they need to manage their care-giving responsibilities.

Here are some unique features that you can add to the app,

16. Health insurance specialist service

Health insurance specialist services have gained significant traction as one of the critical healthcare business ideas.

These specialists are vital in bridging the gap between patients and the often complex health insurance ecosystem.

They offer a range of administrative support and insurance counseling services. Such services help patients select appropriate health insurance plans and understand their benefits.

Health insurance specialists help patients navigate the intricacies of the healthcare system.

They help patients receive coverage and reimbursement according to the policy they have been issued, which benefits patients and healthcare organizations.

With this service, hospitals and healthcare providers can streamline billing and insurance-related processes, improving operational efficiency and financial stability.

Demand for reliable health insurance specialists is expected to grow, making this a promising and lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Expand Your Healthcare Business Ideas with Zennaxx

Ever expanding digital healthcare portfolio of new startups and businesses is seeing many ideas come alive.

From medical supplies to mental health and helping patients dealing with addiction, there are several healthcare business ideas that you can leverage for your startup.

All you need is proper market research and a healthcare app development company that can create digital platforms that bring your vision to life.

Zennaxx is a company offering healthcare development services for startups and medical organizations. Send details about your idea and get a project estimation today!

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