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Urban Parking App Development: An Ultimate Guide

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Parking issues are not a new thing in large cities. Drivers in New York City alone spend an average of 107 hours a year looking for parking spots. As these vehicles cruise about seeking vacant sites, it also means that there are more automobiles on the road, which might result in increased congestion.

However, for entrepreneurs, this presents a chance to provide an effective solution by opting to outsource mobile app development. Parking spot applications are customized to the requirements of consumers in these cities to assist in locating available parking spaces, booking them in advance, and getting them off the road more quickly.

Drivers may locate a parking space and save time by using the parking app. Currently, the market for smart parking systems is flourishing, and there are several chances for growth in the future.

According to Statista, the worldwide parking industry is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 14% to 3.8 billion US dollars by 2023.

This demonstrates the market’s prospects in the next few years and the need for parking mobile app development.

Riders may come to the right spot if you are considering investing in this market. Further, this blog will explore the features of parking applications and how to get started with one. 

What is a Car Parking Finder App?

Among the many app ideas for a startup, parking apps can identify available parking spaces at the site they are going to and park in the most convenient position. Additionally, parking applications have altered how automobiles were abandoned in the past. This has become necessary in the modern-day which is why many firms and startups use such services.

Using smartphone apps, individuals may now save significant amounts of time by reserving their places in a timely way. Additionally, if the parking space is situated a considerable distance from the location, the app will securely send a driver to park your car.

This graph shows the US smart parking system growth from 2016 to 2027 (USD Million)

Key Aspects of Urban Parking App Finder

  • Reliable communication mode An intelligent parking management application must have a secure and dependable means of communication. This helps riders in locating a parking place. Two things need to be taken care of for the driver’s safety 
    – Technical help 
    – Messaging-based notifications
  • Efficient control system Drivers will get notified regarding ‘where to park’ and other information from the control system. Using the control system, riders will have access to real-time information on anything from pricing to payment options to parking procedures. Your parking place finding app must include this capability.
  • Data security Most of the applications of this kind make use of user data. As a result, any parking application that aspires to be the best parking app must prioritize security. User data must be safeguarded against unwanted third-party access and data leakage. In this manner, the program maintains the users’ confidence.
  • Seamless access navigation Parking spot finder applications use a GPS tracking mechanism to aid users in quickly locating available parking spaces. This navigation system should be straightforward and simple to use. Indeed, they provide a street parking chart to make things even easier.

All these elements are necessary when developing an app for car or bike parking. Android app development for the parking applications will enhance the app’s attractiveness while iOS app development for the parking app ensures enhanced features.

What are the Different Types of Car Parking Applications?

Parking Time

This sort of application is advantageous for bookings made on the spot or in advance. It is classified into two types:

• On the fly parking: There are a few parking apps that are specifically designed for using a parking place that becomes available on the spot. Here, users navigate to their location, search for available parking spaces on the app, and reserve a place.

• Advance parking: With this sort of urban parking application, users may check for available parking spaces before departing. They may pay for a parking space and then park their automobiles conveniently at the designated location. This saves them considerable time waiting in line.

Geographical Coverage

You may categorize your application into one of two categories:

  • Geographical reach: Opt for an urban parking mobile app development that operates in many cities and states. Numerous businesses offer international services. This can help improve your consumer base and sales. Thus, when considering how to design a parking app, you must choose the number of cities or states in which you want to deliver your services and the way you will provide the answer. 
  • Localization: Certain parking apps may be developed specifically for megacities and can cover many parking spots in a limited number of places. As a result, you must create the app according to the sort of solution you want to provide and the number of places you wish to cover.

Payment Methods

You offer a parking app for free, but the parking place must be purchased separately by using the parking application. Multiple payment choices such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit cards will be available to your customers in this section. and Credit Cards. They’ll simplify the application’s usage and confirm bookings for your customers.

Using GPS based Navigation

You may include GPS-based navigation into your application to display the locations of parking areas. Users may do an internet search for the place and then drive there. Companies such as Waze make advantage of this capability to help users locate the best parking place.

Parking by Place

Here, you demonstrate two distinct sorts of parking spaces to users. They are as follows:

  • On-Street Parking: This feature allows you to offer consumers locations where they may temporarily park their automobiles. It includes areas such as walkways and street sides.
  • Off-Street Parking: This is beneficial both inside and out. It includes parking garages as well as private places.

    Thus, before you begin developing a parking application, you must pick which of these categories your application will be. If you’re considering how to design a parking application and are unsure which of these approaches your application should use, contact us. Our specialists will assist you in defining the optimal solution for your application based on your needs.

Core parking app features for drivers


Users may utilize this feature to access your parking solution. Allow drivers to register using their Google accounts or integrated connections to expedite the process.


This is where the application’s principal function—finding parking spaces—comes into play. Drivers may use this tool to locate available parking spots in certain places. They may do searches using an address, a city, or a landmark, among other criteria. You might include a comparing or filtering function to assist consumers in selecting the optimal solution.


While not all parking apps provide this capability, including it within your app may significantly enhance the client experience. You may enable drivers to make parking reservations up to several weeks in advance.


Users may use this feature to get driving instructions from their present position to their reserved space, to identify nearby parking spaces, or to locate their vehicles after parking.

Calculator of time intervals

A time range feature is another helpful feature. This enables drivers to see the estimated time required to reach their parking spot. Additionally, customers may see how many hours they have remaining in a booked parking space.


Consider adding a secure payment gateway that supports a variety of payment methods to enhance the user experience. This covers the use of credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.

Ratings and testimonials

Implement a tool that allows users to provide feedback to increase user engagement and transparency. This may be accomplished via the use of a mix of reviews and ratings.

Payment history

This feature enables users to monitor and reserve previously utilized spaces from inside your app.

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Core features for parking owners


This feature enables parking owners to establish an account or log in. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to add security measures or confirmation of identity prior to registering.

Ensure parking standards are met

This tool enables parking lot owners to update the data about their lots by adding or removing slots, price, facility data, and other adjustments.

Obtain payment

Registered owners may get money when their lot is utilized or reserved by a user.

Take care of parking requests

Through this capability, parking lot owners may evaluate reservations made inside their spots and approve or refuse parking requests.

Evaluations and ratings

Owners may analyze customer comments and adjust their operations because of this information.

Core parking app features for admin panel

  • User manager  : This capability enables administrators to handle all user-related information effectively. It entails accepting or rejecting drivers’ profiles, as well as tracking the number of users, total payment, and their transaction records.
  • Parking owner-manager : A parking spot locator application may have many registered parking lot owners, each with a different parking lot fee. Admins may simply control the number of spaces, the cost for each lot, and other associated operations with this functionality.
  • Booking management : Users’ total reservations, pricing per booking, the number of spaces, and transaction data may all be managed by administrators.
  • Payment management : The administrator may keep track of the number of automobiles parked for a certain period, the total payments made during that time, refunds, money generated by owners, and commission withheld.
  • Running Promotions : This feature helps administrators to control promotions during marketing campaigns. They may target individual drivers, parking owners, or all customers with cheap offers.

There are other advanced features aside from the listed options. You can start with this and add more features as your business grows.

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How to start with Parking App Development?

Step 1: Define Objective and Carry Out Market Research:

When considering how to design a parking application, the first thing to do is identify the program’s goals.

  • What issues are you attempting to resolve?
  • What is the main objective of the application you are developing?
  • What features would you want to provide your users?
  • How can consumers benefit from your application?

By responding to these questions, you can ensure that your application is well-directed and that your users have a positive experience. The more defined your purpose is, the more enjoyable your app development experience will be.

Step 2: Decide a Budget

The second factor to consider while getting started with parking mobile app creation is money. The most critical stage is to define the parking app’s business strategy and budget.

Establishing a budget can assist you in determining the cost of developing a vehicle parking mobile application. By mobile parking app development strategy and budget, you may anticipate which areas need further investment.

Additionally, it gives clarity on the areas in which you should concentrate your efforts and accordingly hire a mobile app development company that can match your requirements. Thus, by following sound financial strategy and investing wisely, you may stay out of debt.

Step 3: Choose your Technical Partner

When you’re ready to begin developing a vehicle parking mobile application, you’ll need to identify a suitable technology partner.

They will assist you with auto parking application creation and will assist you with all technical elements. When you plan to design an application, there are several challenges involved. Consider elements such as research, design, implementation, testing, security, and maintenance.

As a leading mobile app development company, we have specialized staff for each different phase to assist you with the development of your auto parking app.

We’ve assisted several businesses in developing a wide range of applications from the ground up and increasing their revenues. Our experts will gladly answer any queries you have regarding how to make a parking application. You can contact us and our business will assist you throughout the development process.


It’s a good idea to get your start in the smart parking sector. Start with the construction of a parking-related app after understanding the market. Consult an expert who can aid in the creation of your auto parking app and deliver the ideal answer to your requirements.

When creating an app, keep in mind everything we’ve covered so far if you want to succeed in this industry. When it comes to developing a parking app, finding a technical partner might be difficult. Our professionals have helped several companies build new apps from the ground up, and they are prepared to do the same for you. The first thing we’ll do is get to know your needs, and then we’ll aid you along the way.

Now that you’re familiar with the complexity of developing a vehicle parking mobile application, the next step is partnering with the proper firm and getting started. Due diligence is critical, and you should seek a development partner who has experience both with software and hardware aspects of urban parking.

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