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On-Demand Taxi App Development: Its Features and Cost of App Development

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Nowadays, technological advancements and increased access to the internet have resulted in the widespread usage of mobile apps for various daily chores. Similarly, commuting has become substantially easier than ever before, thanks to the general availability of cab booking apps. There are various taxi booking applications available in app stores nowadays, and there is always a need for newer and better applications.

In today’s expanding technology world, human life benefits from various services delivered directly to their doorstep, ranging from online food delivery to taxi booking via mobile applications. People want services that need less interaction and are entirely accessible via their smart device.

Taxi app development is one solution that saves you time and money by offering you user-friendly mobile applications. Taxi apps integrate two distinct interfaces: passengers and visible Taxi drivers, allowing for accessible communication between the two.

What is an on-demand taxi booking app ?

In recent years, traditional methods of obtaining taxi services have been pushed aside to favour innovative ways of scheduling transport for oneself. The app stores are saturated with taxi booking apps with features that entice users to book exclusively through these apps.

Hiring a mobile app development company ensures businesses’ diligence and tenacity that has been important in these applications’ evolution. When it comes to booking a ride for themselves, one can entirely rely on them.

Now, how do these applications work? It is pretty straightforward. Users must first download one of these apps to their mobile devices.

The app’s selection may be influenced by various factors, including the place in which it is available, the app’s and services’ reviews and ratings, and the type of services supplied.

After installing the app, users may register and remember their home and business addresses, making it simple to order a cab with a single click. Additionally, the app enables them to select the type of vehicle they wish to commute in. 

Users also can compare automobile fares after the software determines the commute’s distance and duration. Finally, one can reserve a cab and obtain the estimated waiting time. And presto, your ride is waiting for you outside your front door.

Advanced Features to Be Included In A Taxi booking App

One must constantly fight hard to be in this type of competition by hiring dedicated app developers for a taxi app. New and distinctive features might help you keep one step ahead of your competitors. Ensure that you look at sophisticated features that you must have in your app to take it to the next level.

1. Driver/User Authorization

This feature enables drivers to obtain authorization to operate the vehicle while using the program. They are granted authority to accept bookings and to integrate with the mobile application.

2. Auto Dispatch Software

This benefits drivers because they can handle all their bookings in one app. They do not have to travel back and forth but can keep an eye on everyone in one location. Additionally, it assists them in obtaining appropriate directions regarding the location for which they have got a booking form.

3. Driver Queue Algorithm

This one is the most effective in supporting taxi service owners in determining the total percentage of taxis available in one location, which can then be given out as alternatives to a user attempting to book a cab. This is a relatively short process, as the consumer must be intimidated about the nearby taxis within two to five minutes.

4. Surge Pricing

This is because, in case of a shortage, drivers can charge more and make a more significant profit on those days.

5. Zone Pricing

Each zone in a city may have its own set of limitations, regulations, roads, and hours of operation. As a result, the prices for these zones may vary. This function enables taxi owners to earn money promptly.

6. Heat Map View

Additionally, with this functionality, the application owners can discover which automobiles are more frequently used by their customers. To accommodate more cars and drivers, more space should be provided.

7. Phone Number Masking

If you would not want to share your contact information with a driver or vice versa, you should know that the app protects your information. With the aid of an in-app call option, one can conceal his or her phone number.

8. Loyalty Programs

How about providing your drivers and passengers an extra push by offering them loyalty programs such as incentives, discounts, and coupons? This feature consistently entices users, encouraging them to utilize the app more frequently.

9. Real-Time Analytics

This function informs app owners of the number of taxis in service and their zonal locations. Ensuring this in taxi app development enables them to determine the app’s performance and the number of users at any one time, as they learn about the user who is making reservations through it.

10. Multi-Lingual Support

The best benefit is that it enables people from different countries to book cabs without the inconvenience of interacting with others and requesting a taxi booking. This is the most acceptable option for travellers.

11. Automate Driver Payment

By integrating this function, users can connect their bank account or digital wallet straight to the app, allowing for automatic deductions from their accounts. This saves them considerable time by eliminating the need for them to carry cash or wallets.

12. Multiple Payment Options

Taxi booking apps now accept payments via various advanced methods, including credit cards, online banking, and mobile wallets. This has made it highly convenient and beneficial.

13. Push Notifications

One of the critical things to consider for taxi app development is that of push notifications. All users will be notified when they place a booking and always send a push notification on arrival. These notifications are used when the app introduces new deals or discounts.

14. Social Login/Sign-Up

Each user must have his or her account; consequently, all users must register before accessing the services. This enables them to save preferred locations and payment methods. Integrating social network accounts into the sign-up process is a bright idea. This saves users time because they are not required to submit their information repeatedly.

15. Fare Calculation

These calculations allow the users to predict the cost of a single ride. One can calculate the price beforehand so they know how much they must spend.

16. Bill Splitting

Can you divide the cost in half and pay your respective halves from your separate accounts? Yes, indeed! Two persons will likely split the cost of the ride and the bill. This technology helps them to pay their portion independently, so maintaining transparency.

17. Multiple Bookings

The days of making only one booking with a single account are over. The new-generation apps have a function that enables users to create numerous bookings for themselves and family and friends.

18. Book Cab for A Friend

This tool allows you to order a cab for a buddy who is at another place. All that is required is for the user to enter the pick-up and drop-off locations of their acquaintance.

19. In-App Call

A user is in a hurry and does not have time to phone the driver frequently. Ensure onboarding a mobile app development company that can create an intuitive taxi app design. It should be such that they can tap on the symbol to connect to the driver using the built-in call functionality.

20. Live Tracking POP Mode

The functionality lets the user communicate his booking status with a family member, allowing them to track the taxi’s real-time whereabouts.

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What Team Structure Is Required to Develop A Taxi Booking App?

The team must contact app development businesses and explain your requirements and the type of employees required to work with the taxi app development. The finest apps are produced when the right people and teamwork are on them. 

What makes the ideal team for taxi app development?

  • iOS and Android developers create the app’s front-end and back-end.
  • Project manager to oversee and help the entire team throughout the development process. He is meticulous in his attention to detail and always delivers the finest.


  • Back-end developers craft a fully integrated and robust backend for the app.
  • UX/UI designers enhance the app’s appearance for a more engaging user experience.
  • QA professionals rigorously test the app to ensure its quality aligns with user needs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Taxi Booking Mobile App?

A taxi booking mobile application should be a solid application that works across all platforms and devices. One must use extreme caution while allocating budget for taxi app development from the start, as exceeding the limit may result in losses and an incomplete application. As a result, you must understand the critical aspects that influence the pricing of these programs.


The intricacy of the application is the first factor to consider when determining the budget. A more sophisticated app will take longer to develop; thus, more staff will be required for a more extended period, necessitating a larger budget than a less sophisticated app.


A mobile application produced for iOS will have a different number than one built for Android. Additionally, if you intend to design an app for many platforms, your app may cost more than the ones stated previously.


Are you going to include a large number of features from the start? If yes, you should expect to pay a high sum for the same. However, it is always recommended to create MVPs before entering the business as you must choose from the above-mentioned and more features for taxi app development.

Country of Development

Each country and city may have a varied price for app development, depending on the availability of app development teams, resources, etc. Consider the cost of these apps by region:


The quickest and most efficient option to obtain a fully working and upgraded version of a taxi booking app is to work with an app development business. The best strategy is to hire dedicated app developers for taxi app development. You can easily rely on them to complete all of the jobs while you relax. Develop the greatest taxi booking software and set yourself out from the competition.

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