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How To Hire an iOS App Developer For Your Project?

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Hiring an iOS developer in 2023 is not a simple task. While Apple’s mobile device market share is currently at 20.38 percent, iPhone consumers are known to spend more money online on paid apps, premium services, and non-digital products.

Additionally, iOS is the dominating platform in several regional markets, including the United States, Canada, Norway, and France. Therefore, if you are looking to generate significant cash by satisfying more affluent smartphone users, you need to hire a dedicated iOS app developer.

Moreover, there are various technical arguments in favour of iOS development. Because the platform is more established than Android, developing an app takes less time (and money).Additionally, there are fewer Apple mobile device varieties, which simplifies creating exceptional UI and UX designs for iOS apps.

How can I employ a full-time iOS application developer? Learn how to successfully onboard specialists, recruit the finest specialists, and retain them across various iOS projects. Additionally, iOS app development services determine the appropriate professional grade for your assignment and the characteristics of an outstanding developer.
Apple’s market share is increasing, which is why you should consider hiring iOS application development services.

5 things you must consider before hiring an iOS app developer

#1. Know how to hire a dedicated iOS app developer?

Are you considering hiring a dedicated iOS app developer or developing the app with the assistance of a team?

If you are looking to hire a dedicated iOS app developer, the web application’s development must be entirely dependent on him/her. There would be a deficiency of motivation, trust, and dedication. Additionally, the individual may be incapable of completing the task due to its complexity.

If you engage a team for iOS app development services, your app development will be done more quickly and with a higher level of quality, and any complications will be readily resolved by the team.

#2. Budget

Once you have decided to hire programmers, you will need to get an estimate of a budget and then either hire a dedicated iOS app developer or opt for iOS app development services based on the complexity of your application.

Never take a chance on your project to save money by employing a freelance iOS app developer. Simply ensure that you agree on a pricing in advance and then hire the developers.

#3. Specialists

You must choose competent experts who are skilled and professionals in the field of iOS app development services.

When you verify abilities before you hire a dedicated iOS app developer, they must be specialists in the C or Swift programming languages. You must hire pros who are suckers.

Security is critical in today’s technology society. Because many developers may exploit your app development efforts and may misuse your company’s intimate and confidential data. To avoid this, verify that the NDA and other relevant documents are signed by the iOS developers prior to hiring.

You can hire dedicated iOS app developers and employ iOS programmers through freelance marketplaces, social networking networks, or by engaging a software outsourcing company. You can browse their portfolios to find ones that match your project specifications and hire them accordingly. Do not forget to look at the iOS applications made by the developers by browsing their portfolios and selecting the best developers.

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What Skills should you look out for when hiring iOS app developers?

The cost of an iOS developer is determined by the specialist’s grade, area of knowledge, and additional, project-specific experience. For instance, iOS app development services for eBanking, eHealth, or Internet security projects command a greater salary than those working on eCommerce initiatives.

Several hard skills need to be considered when you go on to hire dedicated iOS app developers. Whichever specialist you hire, you may expect them to resolve basic difficulties and manage the technology process. When hiring iPhone application developers, keep the following in mind:

  • Objective-C and (or) Swift iOS native language proficiency
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines awareness
  • XCode IDE experience
  • UI / UX standards awareness
  • Advanced code versioning instruments proficiency
  • Core Data framework practical experience
  • Metal and OpenGL knowledge 
  • APIs understanding and integration experience.

You will have to possess these essential soft skills: approachable, critical thinking, the capacity to meet deadlines, responsibility, teamwork, leadership, negotiation, self-presentation, and perseverance.

Option #1. When to Hire a Freelance iOS Developer

You can hire dedicated iOS app developers by requesting referrals from partners or by visiting reputable remote employee hiring portals (like GitHub and Upwork).Freelancer hiring is a type of outsourcing iOS app development services where your in-house project manager directly communicates with a remote developer. In this example, the developer joins a regular team but engages in meetings via video conferencing.


  • You can hire dedicated iOS app developer with specialized (rare) experience and knowledge.
  • Choose from the best iOS developers across the globe as you have access to a talent pool without regard for regional restrictions.
  • Freelancers are less expensive than in-house employees and outsourced teams, and you do not need to provide them with a physical workspace in your office. 
  • You pay on an hourly basis — if a freelancer is not needed for an extended period, you do not have to pay them.
  • Your human resources department does not manage the freelancer’s vacation, legal documentation, and working conditions.


  • A high risk of missing deadlines when you hire a dedicated iOS app developer as a freelancer. 
  • Hampered communication between the in-house team and freelancers, which may result in technical misunderstandings. 
  • Language, time zone, and cultural barriers. 
  • No guarantee that a freelance iOS developer spends the disclosed time working on your tasks or serves other clients.

Option #2. When to Form an In-House Development Team?

Additionally, you can hire dedicated iOS app developers to work as part of your full-time in-house department. In this situation, you will need to give them a full-time wage (or part-time if you have such agreements in place) for their iOS app development services, find space for them in the actual office, track their progress, and shift them between projects to increase department efficiency.

This strategy works well if your organization has a consistent requirement for iOS engineers.


  • When you hire dedicated iOS app developers, they will have more time to study the product in-depth and develop into subject-matter experts. They are also accessible to provide post-release assistance for the project as a part of a comprehensive iOS app development services.
  • Effective and timely communication among employees and departments
  • Simple transfer of practical experience from in-house Seniors to Juniors
  • The iOS developer devotes 100% of their time to your project 
  • The development team is easy to manage and adaptable


  • You must pay your in-house employees a full-time salary regardless of whether you have enough work to fill their schedules 
  • Hiring and retention issues 
  • Additional outgoings — legal hiring reportage, taxes, office rental, and hardware spending 
  • You must pay your developers while on vacation and sick leave, as well as cover some of their self – esteem and self expenses

Option #3. Hiring an Outsourcing Company

An outsourcing company is one that manages the entirety of the project you have entrusted to them. The most frequent concerns one must consider before hiring a dedicated iOS app developer is that it can be assigned to an outsourcing company including design, technology stack, continuing support, program management, and quality assurance.

The vendor’s pool of iOS developers collaborates with all additional professionals required to complete your project.

You do not need to assign projects to distant team members, monitor their performance, or arrange many meetings. Rather than that, when you are working with an outsourcing company for iOS app development services, it works just as you hire dedicated iOS app developers but with a project manager.

You provide an outsourcing firm with the project’s technical requirement specification, discuss your objectives and goals, establish deadlines, and receive a final product.


  • Save money on operational concerns by not managing the project personally.
  • Easily replace an iOS engineer if dissatisfaction arises; scale the team as needed.
  • Verify high corporate professional standards through client feedback.
  • Specialized development typically takes less time compared to in-house development.


  • Because even if you choose a reputable provider, you are likely to run into problems with deadlines and quality.
  • Growth of offshore outsourcing entails time zone, cultural, and linguistic barriers in communication.
  • This type of collaboration is less adaptable and necessitates thorough project documentation and a development timetable.

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Are you looking to recruit iOS developers? The good news is that you can now choose a suitable specialist without being restricted to a local talent pool. Everyone now has access to outsourcing vendors and trustworthy web channels for hiring freelancers.

There is also some tragic news. Because software is now used in virtually every business sector and there is an increasing need for innovative solutions among regular customers, your competitors may recruit the best engineers if you are not quick and adaptable enough.

While iOS users are fewer than Android users, they are more willing to spend, which is why iOS native development is critical.

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Jay Bhalani

iOS developer
Jay Bhalani is a seasoned iOS developer with over 9 years of experience in Swift and Objective-C. Specializing in crafting innovative and user-centric mobile applications, Jay excels at translating complex ideas into seamless user experiences. His passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements and a proven track record of successful projects make him a valuable asset in the field of iOS development.


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