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Mobile App Maintenance: Importance & cost

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The maintenance of a mobile application is one of the most important phases in the production of a mobile application. As a result, you must set down a different budget solely for the upkeep of your app. And how much does it cost to maintain a mobile application?

You may have finished developing and releasing your app, but it does not imply that your job is over. You should be updating it regularly. We realise our goal to provide the best services as an iOS app development company by going beyond the usual services.

Our experts value the maintenance services for iOS and Android apps alike. Just like every other thing you buy needs proper care and maintenance; mobile apps are no different.

As soon as your app is live, you will be responsible for maintaining it rather than creating it anymore. In this blog, we discuss the key aspects involved in mobile app maintenance.

Why is mobile app maintenance necessary?

Concentrating on application maintenance will pay dividends in the long term. It has been shown that improving app retention by only 5% enhances an organisation’s revenues by somewhere between 25% and 95%. Maintaining an app is necessary for survival since each app on the market needs it.

Consider the following reasons for developing an app maintenance plan before beginning the development process:

  • Performance needs
  • Changes in layout popularity
  • New phone releases
  • New operating system launches

Ratings and Reviews Are Important:

User’s rate and review apps on the App Store and provide feedback about their experience with the application. This step assists other users in determining which apps to download. Frequent app updates have a favourable effect on your app’s ratings and reviews. You improve the user experience with regular updates, which results in a rise in good reviews, which increases app downloads. And that’s how you establish rapport with the users of your app.

Withstand the device and OS updates

Updates to operating systems affect layout standards, functionality, and even development tools. iOS13 is a real example of a major UI change that required all iOS applications to be modified, as incompatibility apps with the newest upgrades might cause safety and UI/UX concerns.

Additionally, new smartphones vary in screen resolutions. And, in such cases, you must guarantee that your mobile application can adapt to new screen sizes. By maintaining your app regularly, you can prevent these potential difficulties.

Detecting and Correcting Bugs

Unknown and unfixed vulnerabilities can contribute to poor coding, app failure, unexpected outcomes, and a negative user experience. Additionally, problems may arise due to a change or update to the hardware, platform, framework, or program version upgrade, among other factors.

Thus, routine app maintenance checks the quality of your mobile application’s code to identify bugs and other performance issues and quickly resolves them, ensuring that your app runs fast and flawlessly on the targeted devices.

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Advantages of Mobile App Maintenance

Deliver Better User Experiences

You do not want users to utilise your app. You want them to be smitten by it. It is because building strong, long-term connections with your users is critical to the success and growth of your app. To foster these relationships, you must give them unforgettable experiences.

Monitoring your app throughout time reveals critical information about how your users feel about it. Maintaining an eye on customer feedback and market trends enables you to stay current on changing user preferences, issues, and behaviours.

Constantly upgrading your app in response to this data enables you to provide superior user experiences. This strengthens the bonds for both you and your consumers and fosters more loyalty and trust.

Fixes technical issues

Every piece of software is imperfect. Even tech giants Google and Facebook have acknowledged that they are encountering breaches, errors, and faults in their systems even after investing heavily. Consolidation and ongoing maintenance are unavoidable to keep your app afloat.

Because of technical issues, such as creating incorrect results, repeatedly tapping a button, or a program crash after hitting a button, unexpected results may appear. Even once the app has launched, mistakes can persist and hurt the overall user experience, resulting in app abandonment. Hiring our android app development company for mobile device compatibility testing is highly recommended to keep your target customers happy.

Securing Your Mobile App from Cyber Threats

With the proliferation of mobile applications, there is a rising demand for cyber security. As an app developer, you are accountable for the app’s and website’s security.

When hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities and novel ways that steal your personal and sensitive details, you can always focus on app maintenance and updating applications to the newest security measures.

With so many advantages, app owners should budget for app maintenance expenditures. Following that, let’s discuss the many forms of mobile app upkeep.

Maintain a Positive Brand Image

Maintaining your app is essential for the continued existence of your brand. If you neglect to act, you risk ruining your company’s reputation.

Criticism about your brand or app doesn’t take long to materialise in the form of dissatisfied customers. They may leave bad reviews on social media and mobile apps, discouraging others from using the product.

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What are the types of Mobile App Maintenance Services?

At Zennaxx, we are committed to delivering quality mobile app maintenance services that offer a quality app experience to end-users. It is best to hire our mobile app developers for end-to-end app development services that mark their involvement right from the idea generation to overall app maintenance,

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance work entails intervening or eliminating mistakes before they arise. The goal is to reduce the application’s complexity and increase its maintainability via code reorganization, optimization, and documentation updates.

Perfective Maintenance

As new and improved mobile capabilities and functions become available, you will encounter unique or altered user needs. It seems sensible to consider feedback in advance and take care of functional changes in the source code to provide an optimal user experience.

Emergency Maintenance

There may be an emergency, implying that the difficulties or mistakes are abrupt, unforeseen, and unexpected. In such cases, you must quickly resolve the issues while maintaining a smooth app experience.

Corrective Maintenance

With maintenance tasks, you may address application malfunctions, errors, and defects. Additionally, maintenance covers mistakes in design, code, and application logic.

Adaptive Maintenance

With the capability to adapt, you’d be responsible for tracking application changes to maintain the system currently. You may need to change the application’s working environment, such as the operating system, hardware, or application.

As an app owner, you’d need to budget for a variety of different sorts of app maintenance expenditures. And if you’re aiming for a ballpark figure, you’ll need to consider a variety of factors when planning for app maintenance.

How Much Does It Cost for Mobile App Maintenance?

This is not just an app development expenditure; it’s also an ongoing maintenance expense. You should be prepared before beginning the process of developing an application. The cost of app maintenance varies per application. On average, it may cost you almost 20% of your real mobile app development costs.

Maintenance is different from the mobile app development cost, and they both should not be mixed. Developers must prepare for an infinite number of updates, enhancements, and repairs. Predictive development partners assist their customers in planning forward as most contracts include a maintenance fee.

“ The industry standard for software maintenance is approximately 15% to 20% of the cost of development. Therefore, if your app costs $100,000 to develop, you should budget about $20,000 each year for maintenance. “

That may seem to be very costly. And for many businesses who are unprepared for the app development process, it is expensive. However, the most common error made by business leaders and development partners is to attempt to build a flawless, bullet-proof app from the outset. 

In fact, 20% of the initial development cost can be budgeted when determining the software maintenance cost at a conservative estimate. The following data suggests that if your development expenses are $200,000, you can anticipate spending around $40,000 annually to run your app.

You can perform all these maintenance duties independently and hiring a dedicated employee will undoubtedly cost more. However, it is impossible to perform everything alone since you will always require a team.


Concentrating on your app’s functionality after launch is critical for establishing a market presence. While developing the app maintenance budget, keep in mind that it should include infrastructure costs such as third-party connectors, hosting, or server.

If you want to build exceptional app experiences, you must prepare for app maintenance in advance. If you’re an app owner who needs assistance with budgeting and managing your mobile applications, contact us.

We are an award-winning team of online and mobile application developers with extensive experience developing new technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT.

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