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Things To Consider Before Hiring An Android App Developer

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You have got an idea for the next ground-breaking application. You have chosen to go for it and turn your goal into a reality, armed with passion and determination. Now that you have decided to transform your concept into a stunning app, you would want to hire a dedicated android app developer to assist you.

The mobile application industry is exploding and is expected to reach 258 billion downloads globally by 2022.In addition, consumers are more likely to utilize a mobile application than they are to visit a website, making mobile developers one of the most in-demand professionals on the market.

At first glance, hiring dedicated android app developers may appear to be a simple operation. But, in actuality, it is a multi-step procedure fraught with dangers that might cost you your reputation if the result is implemented poorly. This post divides the hiring process into manageable chunks to assist you in recruiting the best app developer to create your concepts.

How can you tell if Android app development services can provide experts when you are preparing to hire them for such kinds of jobs? You may not have technical or programming experience, yet you want to employ the best Android app developer possible.

Android has been one of the fastest-growing platforms in the field of Mobile Application Development in recent years. Android is gaining popularity among various IT offerings due to its versatility and breadth of offers However, you will need to hire a dedicated android app developer to design scalable and resilient mobile applications is a complex undertaking for any Android application development company to do.

Skills to consider when you hire dedicated Android App Developer

You may be seeking someone to tweak minor details or to oversee the entire development process. You can hire dedicated Android app developers at several skill levels, depending on your junior, middle, or senior requirements.

Junior Android developer

  • Fewer than three years of experience. 
  • Responsible for developing simple apps. 
  • Capable of assisting middle and senior developers.

Mid-Level Android Developer

  • 3+ years of experience as a middle Android developer. 
  • Involvement in challenging Android-based projects. 
  • Ability to work autonomously.

Senior Android Developer

  • 5+ years of expertise as a senior Android developer. 
  • Leads supervise and consults on major projects. 
  • Holds the position of team leader.

Be it an aspiring junior or seasoned senior, an Android app developer needs to possess solid technical expertise, be a problem solver and a team player, and that is a bare minimum.

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What are the options to consider when Hiring an Android App Developer?

When it comes to Android app development services, you have various employment possibilities – full- or part-time employee, independent consultant. The location of the person (in an office or remotely) and how you discover them (freelance platforms, outsourcing businesses) also provide significant price freedom. Each alternative is helpful in a variety of situations and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Option # 1: Partner with Freelancers

This is almost certainly the first choice that springs to mind when a requirement for app developers arises.

People hire freelancers for android app development because it is popular among those who need more alternatives in recruiting, that businesses may work with specialists from anywhere in the world. As a result, they often charge less than an in-house developer would.

Numerous websites have thousands of freelancers specializing in various fields, and you are sure to identify and hire mobile app developers with the necessary abilities and experience.

Several popular platforms for recruiting freelance developers include the following:

  • Youteam
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer.com
  • Supersourcing

The work of freelancers is similar to that of remote employees; they need to be highly experienced and motivated to reach your company’s goals. To avoid this, be sure to plan ahead of time for organizational problems.


  •  Economical 

  • Large pool of programmers with a variety of talents 

  • Numerous hiring platforms


  • Possibility of a language barrier 

  • Rather difficult to handle 

  • Possibility of project abandonment

Option #2. Assemble an In-House Team

This is the polar opposite of employing freelancers. This is where you hire dedicated android app developers within your office and expect them to collaborate as a team. In this situation, communication is at a very high level, as everyone is housed together. As a result, you get greater control over the entire development phase and have the ability to modify it at any time.

However, do not jump to joy. Typically, assembling an in-house team entails high costs. You will need to rent an office space, furnish it, and purchase gear and software licenses to deliver android app development services. Additionally, you must pay each employee’s salaries, sick leave, and vacation compensation.


  • Complete control over the team 

  • No communication problems


  • Protracted and difficult hiring procedure 
  • Expensiveness 
  • Team management takes special skills

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Option #3. Hire an Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing an app to a competent IT company is one of the simplest methods to get started. If you do, you will receive high-quality services at a fair price. This alternative does not need you to hire a dedicated android app developer, rent an office, or incur any unneeded costs. The majority of IT organizations already have a pool of people available to assist you in developing an app. Additionally, vendors are accountable for team management and process delivery.

If your budget is limited, you may wish to outsource android app development services to an expert company located overseas. You have the freedom to choose any company in any of the world’s most popular outsourcing locations that meets your resources and needs. We will discuss outsourcing regions a little later.


  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Diverse selection of technology vendors from around the world 
  • Access to any level of technical skill required 
  • No requirement for administration on your part Rapid commencement of the project


  • Language and time zone differences may still exist.

Hire dedicated android app developer having experience with Releasing an App and Publishing It on Google Play

When you hire a dedicated android app developer, ensure that there is significant experience under the belt. This includes having a demonstrated history of having published numerous apps on Google Play. When it comes to deploying an app, some critical work must be completed, and your application must have done so previously.

Additionally, an experienced developer should understand that it should be avoided except when releasing an application. There is no reason to obscure it while testing your app before release, as it is not yet publicly exposed.

Additionally, when you release an application, it must be signed. That implies you must employ a file containing a hash key to encrypt and prove your ownership of this application. This file is required for submission to Google Play.

Submitting to Google Play is straightforward, but understanding its features enhances app performance and boosts downloads.

For instance, one of the intriguing statistical tools offered by Google Play is the ability to receive recommendations for languages into which you might translate your app. In addition, it suggests to you all the android app development services based on similar apps in your category and the countries from which your app’s page is already being visited.

This and other fantastic features are available on Google Play and employing Android developers well-versed in the platform may undoubtedly help you construct a more successful implementation.

These are just a few instances of why it is critical to employ an Android developer with a track record of successful app releases. Then, when you choose the proper specialist, you can sit back and relax, knowing that the subsequent impact will be swift and painless.

However, it does not end there. Additionally, every Android developer should be aware of the need to add services for monitoring the product once deployed. For example, you may wish to observe two things: crashes and metrics on specific activities.

When you deploy an app, it is critical to monitor crashes, as you cannot forecast all possible impacts, and if a user’s app crashes, you want to know about it and correct it.

Several tools and libraries are available for monitoring crashes, and an expert will know these things to employ for your application. For example, Google Play has its crash monitoring, but this only checks crashes that the user requests explicitly. Other programs do this task automatically after each crash.


It is crucial to investigate thoroughly before you hire an android app developer. Ensure that the Android developers are genuinely an expert in their field, and whether you would enjoy working with them.

You may save yourself a lot of time and money by hiring the correct Android specialist, and they can also be suitable for future projects. Furthermore, you have a greater chance of finding the ideal candidate if you do not fall into the common mistakes.

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