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How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App in Canada

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Your business runs smoothly and successfully in your town, but your brand identity needs to be stronger online. It happens when your business is in popular cities in Canada.

Because the public of Canada uses applications for almost every job. From ordering food to managing finances, everything will be done by application.

If you are searching for the average cost of building an app in Canada, this guide will help you. This blog covers iOS and Android app development costs with affecting factors and cost breakdown.

We focus on an app development cost estimate and discover hidden costs and considerations.

What are the App Development Costs in Canada?

According to Statista, the money made from creating software apps in Canada is expected to grow by 6.29% annually.

This means the total market value could reach US$7.23 billion by 2028. So, if you’re making a mobile app to improve your business, it’s your best choice now.

As per Canadian mobile applicationbudgeting, the cost of developing a mobile application starts from CAD 9000 to CAD 200000.

The range of budget depends on your application features and factors. In the below table, according to application difficulty, we can guess the price range:

These are the basic costs of developing an app, but you can change and minimize them by understanding this deeply. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App for iOS, Android and for cross-platform?

An essential iOS app development cost estimation is around $20,000 to $200,000, depending on the application, like what features you want, how big the app is, and how complicated it is.

For Android apps, the cost is around $10,000 to $120,000. This depends on things like how complex the app is, its type, the design, and if it’s going on the Google Play Store.

If you want iOS and Android app development costs, they usually start at $15,000 and can go up to $150,000. The price is influenced by factors like how much code can be reused, the framework used, the development team’s size, and where they are located.
It’s best to know software development rates in Canada to get an accurate development cost. They can look at what you need and give you a detailed plan. Understanding the costs for different parts of making an app can help you plan better.

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Average Cost of Building an App in Canada on Business Categories

Here’s how much it might cost to develop an app in Canada based on different types of businesses:

I. Basic App:

Cost: CAD 9,000 – ongoing

Examples: SMS apps, Camera, Calculator

Essential apps with simple features. These mobile applications are often a good fit for small businesses. Essential apps are good options for establishing a presence on the internet.

It works for simple tasks such as SMS and calculating numbers.

II. Data-Based App:

Cost: CAD 20,000 – ongoing

Examples: Weather app, Calendar app, Maps

Data-based apps work with third-party APIs for accurate data information. This kind of application is built for real-time information sharing with users.

Connecting to external sources increases the cost of developing an app.

III. Social Media Apps:

Cost: CAD 50,000 – CAD 240,000

Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Social media apps with dynamic and engaging visualization. These trending applications are worthy because of the trend. You must have to analyze the whole market before starting to develop. These apps require substantial development to support user interactions, discussions, media sharing, and real-time updates.

IV. E-commerce Apps:

Cost: CAD 60,000 – CAD 280,000

Examples: Alibaba, eBay, Amazon

E-commerce apps demand strong back-end support. Because managing product, profile, and payment interaction must be costly.

Also, with the features of transactions, it uses high security and needs extra features. 

V. On-Demand Apps:

Cost: CAD 70,000 to CAD 80,000 or more

Examples: Uber, Uber Eats, Streaming platform app

Some successful applications have been not only in Canada but all over the world. This application has a number of users from different places and with different technologies.

So, for this type of application, design, and development, Fees are increased. You can’t compromise while creating this kind of application.

VI. Marketplace Apps:

Cost: CAD 280,000 or more

Examples: Booking.com, Airbnb

Platforms connecting sellers to buyers, combining features of e-commerce and on-demand apps. Marketplace apps often have higher complexity to manage features.

This type of application is basically created for both Android and iOS platforms.

VI. Marketplace Apps:

Cost: CAD 80,000 or more

Examples: Amazon Dash Button

Apps integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices or hardware. App development cost estimation is high because of hardware integration with software complexities.

IoT software development often needs exceptional work to function correctly with specific devices. 

Factors Affecting in App Development Costs

Users have different tastes, just like nationality and location. So, it’s essential to make your app suit your site, city, and nation. If your app is entering a competitive field, it’s like trying to be noticed in a huge competition.

You might need some attraction base, like advanced features and a smooth user experience, to leave a lasting impression.

If your app has some heavy-duty functions like real-time sync or fancy algorithms, it will take more time and effort.

Also, if your app works with other apps through third-party services, it can get complex and cost more.

Features are like the stars of your app show. The fancier and more dazzling the show, the more it will cost. An essential app is like a simple dinner with friends – not too expensive.

But if you want a feature-packed, fancy app with custom designs and unique twists, it’s like throwing a grand party. Just remember, each extra feature adds a bit more to the bill.

Let’s talk about platforms like iOS and Android. Think of them as different both for development and customers. Having your app in multiple stores will get more users.

It’s simple, but it costs more. Each platform has its rules and styles, so prepare your app for both platforms.

Some tools are free, and some you need to buy or rent. Similarly, some technologies come with licensing fees, and some might need specialists who know their way around.

If you’re thinking big and want your app to grow, planning for scalability is like building a house that can handle additions in the future. It might cost more upfront, but it pays off later.

How to Manage Average Cost Breakdown in Development:

Working under your arms is an essential factor in designing and developing, which helps you manage costs. Before going into the factories, understanding each element is necessary.

User Interface (UI) Design: Implementing a good UI design takes 10-15% of the total cost to develop an app. It adds good visual elements and an overall feel to your application.

User Experience (UX) Design: This involves the app’s overall user journey, interaction flow, and usability. It consumes 15-20% of the total application design and development fees. 

Frontend/Backend Development: Software development rates in Canada cover 25-30% of the cost of frontend development and 30-40% of the total cost of backend 

Quality Assurance (QA): This involves testing the app for bugs, performance issues, and the specified requirements. It consumes 15-20% of the total cost. 

Ongoing Support: 15-20% of the total cost. This includes post-launch support, bug fixes, updates, and addressing issues that arise after the app is live.

These percentages are rough estimates of the average cost of building an app in Canada.

It is based on factors such as the complexity of the app, the development approach, and the project’s specific requirements. Canadian mobile application budgeting for developers and designers can influence these percentages.

Work closely with your development team to get a more accurate breakdown based on your project’s unique characteristics and goals.

Regional Variances also Affect App Development

Regional variances in app development in Canada can also affect iOS and Android app development costs. It can be influenced by factors such as the local talent pool, living costs, and market demand.

Here’s a general overview of the differences between Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Toronto has a robust tech industry with skilled developers and designers. The availability of experienced professionals may contribute to relatively higher development costs.

The cost of living in Toronto is relatively high, which can impact salaries and, consequently, the overall mobile app development pricing.

The demand for mobile app development services is significant in Toronto, reflecting the city’s status as a central business hub.

Vancouver also has a thriving tech sector, though it may be slightly smaller than Toronto. The city’s proximity to the U.S. and its quality of life may attract skilled professionals.

Vancouver has one of the highest living costs in Canada. This can influence developers’ salaries and contribute to higher overall development costs.

The demand for app development services is subs potential, driven by diverse industries.

Montreal is known for its vibrant tech and gaming industries. The city’s bilingual nature (English and French) may provide access to a diverse talent.

Montreal generally has a lower cost of living compared to Toronto and Vancouver. This can lead to relatively lower development costs.

While the demand for app development in Canada, the cost of services may be more competitive.

These are general observations for the right decision. Project costs can vary based on project requirements, the complexity of the app, and the specific skills needed.

Economic conditions and industry trends can influence regional variations over time. I work with teams and make informed decisions regarding app development costs.

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Hidden Costs and Considerations While Launching the App

Before developing an application, you must be sure about hidden costs and considerations about application launching, like API, clouds, and maintenance changes.

APIs and Integrations: If your app needs third-party services or APIs for added functionalities, accessing or integrating these services may come with a price tag. They enhance the experience, but there’s a fee.

Cloud Services: Storing, hosting, or processing data in the cloud can be convenient, but it’s not free. Cloud service providers like AWS or Azure might charge ongoing fees. An initial budget of $10,000 to $30,000 can be considered.

Submission Fees: You’ll likely pay a submission fee to showcase your app on platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. App store submission fees usually range from $25 to $100 for one time only.

Transaction Fees: App stores may also take a cut of each transaction within your app, especially for in-app purchases or subscriptions. It’s like a commission for using their marketplace.

Bug fixes and updates: Beyond the grand opening, there’s ongoing work. Fixing bugs or rolling out updates for feature enhancements can increase costs. Ongoing maintenance costs can be estimated at 20–30% per year’s initial development cost.

Operating System Updates: Changes in mobile operating systems might demand tweaks to your app to stay compatible. 

Data Security: Protecting user data demands robust security measures, including investments in encryption, secure authentication, and regular security audits. 

Being mindful of these hidden costs allows for more accurate budgeting. The developing industries only give you an estimated calculation for development, but after the outcome, many factors also have to take charges from you to run your application.

Tips for Cost Control in Mobile App Development in Canada

These tips will help you control your app development cost estimation.

Prioritize features strategically: Start with a minimum viable product. MVP adds the necessary components for your app’s core functionality. This allows you to launch quickly, gather user feedback, and make informed decisions about further development.

Focus on the essential features of your app. Leave out the ones you don’t really need.

Cross-Functional Teams: Hire developers with multiple skills who can handle different aspects of the project. It reduces work and improves the development process.

Promote collaboration between team members with diverse expertise. This can lead to faster problem-solving and more efficient development.

Open-Source Technologies: Leverage open-source technologies and frameworks. Open source often provides robust solutions without the need for expensive licensing fees.

Open-source projects usually have a supportive community, which can be beneficial for troubleshooting and finding solutions to issues without additional costs.

Automated Testing: Implement automated testing to catch bugs early in development. Implement CI/CD pipelines to automate the testing and deployment processes, ensuring a more efficient and error-free release cycle.

Outsourcing and Offshoring: For non-core activities, consider outsourcing specific development tasks. Study offshore development options, where development can be done in regions with lower labour costs without compromising quality.

These are some essential tips that help reduce your costs and make your app development process fast. With these tips, you can save money while developing a new mobile application.


This blog covers the cost and reducing factors of app development in Canada. In this guide, you can cover all kinds of costing and managing tips and reports for your deep information.

You can know how each factor affects your budget from this guide.

Because of this comprehensive guide, businesses in Canada can gain a better understanding of the factors that affect the cost of app development.

Different apps, from essential to advanced, come with varying development costs. The choice between iOS, Android, or cross-platform development influences costs.

App development costs depend on features, customization, timeline, and resources.

Understanding the right points and choosing the right app development company can make your business intelligent and efficient in the digital market.

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