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The Global Mobile App Development Trend Is Driven By Demand

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This is a known fact; however, a mobile app may influence users and get a lot of fame in the market. Let’s focus on demand-driven development for this article.

Everything depends on what the consumers want. This serves as the best way to promote a mobile app. Imagine someone is looking to go from Point A to Point B, which are 50 miles apart. You park your car in front of them and offer them a lift. This is the kind of a jackpot that a developer hits when they meet the ongoing demand of the consumer.

Note that this only gives a stage to start. Sustainability depends on how well it is updated in the future.

  • The demand for ease in payment gave us UPI.
  • The need for on-the-go consumption of online content gave us OTT platforms.
  • The demand to shop 24/7 gave us e-commerce platforms.

The US Market

The US market is worth $2.4 trillion, while China is expected to grow at a 31.7 percent compound annual growth rate. North America owned 39.08 percent of the market in 2019 and is likely to maintain its dominance during the forecast period.

The United States and Canada are the primary drivers of the North American mobile application development platform market.

The United States is home to a slew of well-established companies, including IBM Corporation, Adobe Systems, Inc., and Salesforce Inc. These well-established firms are mostly responsible for driving the market in this area. Following North America is APAC and Europe.

Over the projection period, APAC is estimated to represent 33.5% of the market in 2021. The rising need for sophisticated technologies and the increasing requirement for innovation are the primary drivers of this region’s mobile app development platform market expansion.

The report analyses major development, marketing, and price strategies, as well as the business profiles of market leaders, prospective competitors, and new entrants

Many major businesses are expanding their geographical footprint and commercial operations via various organic and inorganic growth tactics, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, expansion, strategic partnerships, collaborations, new product launches, and patents.

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Top Impacting Factors:

Increase in data usage & internet penetration

Increased data use and internet penetration have been important drivers of industry development in emerging economies like China, India, and Brazil.

Additionally, during the last decade, the internet has established itself as a primary mode of communication through various devices, including computers, cellphones, and tablets. The internet enables users to access multiple apps with less expense and effort and enables speedier communication.

Additionally, the number of online purchasers has expanded dramatically as the e-commerce business has grown, as has the product range, tempting offers, and discounts offered exclusively on e-platforms.

Moreover, the proliferation of low-cost data plans from various network providers has made it easier for developing nations to use these services.

Uncertainty of enterprises in developing their own applications

Numerous firms are spending significant sums in establishing their own apps in response to the growing ambiguity around accessible applications and the rising expense of various applications. Additionally, multiple apps must be updated on a regular basis to maintain flawless app operations and transactions, resulting in a rise in the time and money necessary for application upgrade.

As a result, the market’s expansion is hampered. In addition, many firms are collaborating or forming alliances in the global app development market to provide a shared platform to their customers. In turn, this lowers their maintenance and development expenses.

Growth in usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence in mobile apps

Artificial intelligence is ingrained in the design and development of several smartphones. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other smartphone makers are incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into the creation of their smartphone models, presenting lucrative potential for the market’s growth.

The AI and VR mobile app market is expected to soar over $30 billion in 2021. Many big businesses are already finding ways to incorporate these into smartphones. It enhances functions such as camera and security apps, according to recent research. To further enhance mobile apps and devices’ overall performance, businesses are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, hiring a popular mobile app development company can help leverage AI to derive insights from the diverse data created by all users and aids in the improvement of the user’s decision-making skills, creating attractive potential for the mobile application industry.

5G Technology

The implementation of 5G will have a significant influence on app patterns in 2021. This technology can revolutionize how mobile apps are used and generated for developers, distributors, and creators. Consider the anticipated rise in the number of 5G smartphone connections over the next four years.

By 2024, there will be nearly 5.5 times the number of 5G connections as in 2020. By 2022, these linkages will almost treble.

The adoption of 5G will eventually increase the functionality of mobile applications. This will enable developers to add a new feature to applications without significantly compromising the app’s performance.

Speed and efficiency will greatly increase. 5G is predicted to bring a 10x drop in latency while enhancing the efficiency of the network and traffic capacity. Compared to 4G, 5G would be up to 100 times quicker, depending on the mobile network provider.

The flutter app development enables cross-platform, quick 5G adoption that can employ 5G network speed throughout the app’s development and testing phases.

Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payments

We’ve previously highlighted the importance of mobile commerce in 2021 for application development. However, the way individuals pay with their smartphones is also shifting. The popularity of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay continues to grow.

According to recent research, mobile wallet transactions totaled $6.1 billion in 2019. By 2022, this figure is predicted to reach $13.98 billion.

In short, the mobile wallet market should double in the next two years. 

Smartphone users are gradually embracing mobile payments. They’re even using app-based payment capabilities on linked wearable gadgets. In the next few years, all mobile applications will need to have mobile payment functionality.

In 2021, mobile wallets must be considered while developing apps. Wallet integration must become a required functionality for all transaction-processing apps. That is not the situation at the moment. However, the adoption rate of mobile wallets in applications will increase dramatically in the future years.

Mobile Commerce

Everyone seems to be utilizing mobile applications to gain income. There is lots of money to be earned in this arena, from huge shops to independent content makers and personal branding.

Mobile eCommerce capabilities offer a must-have feature for mobile applications resellers to highlight during client presentations. Each day, it appears as if another firm launches an app to increase sales.

We are not quite there yet, but we are rapidly approaching the moment when you must have a mobile commerce application to be competitive. Every individual and company that sells online is in direct competition with Amazon. To stay up, you must reproduce the factors that contribute to those businesses’ success; and one of those is to hire dedicated app developers.

Mobile devices will account for 72.9 percent of all eCommerce purchases by the end of 

2021. Apps are critical to the success of mobile commerce now and in the future.

One could spend days outlining hundreds of mobile commerce developments. However, in the interest of brevity, you may refer to our comprehensive guide on mobile eCommerce data.

2021 will remain a significant year for eCommerce application development. Make appropriate preparations.


The process of creating mobile applications is ever-evolving. Your applications won’t be able to keep up with the competition if you’re relying on information from two or three years ago. Your project’s success or failure depends on the current trends in the mobile app business.

Mobile app trends for 2023 may be used as your bible as a distributor or mobile app development firm. Here’s how to get an advantage in your niche market. Mobile app development trends must be understood and incorporated into the development process by every member of your team that works on mobile apps.

You are not required to include every trend into every app you design. However, it would help if you had a broad awareness of how the market is changing to adjust appropriately.

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