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Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out in 2023

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In recent years, mobile app development has seen lightning-fast innovations, disruptive technology, and new emerging trends. It is helping businesses acquire clients during this turbulent moment in the market.

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 outbreak has been a nightmare for many firms, the mobile development industry continues to grow. Global lockdowns have altered the focus of mobile app development trends to mobile-first, contactless, and linked services.

The latest development in mobile app development

5G services

Modern app development can use 5G technology, which is the newest generation of telecommunication networks that has already demonstrated incredible connection speeds.

Support for this unique networking standard is on the verge of becoming one of the vital mobile app trends, credits to the adequate security and greater potential connections per square kilometre that 5G permits.

For mobile developers, 5G is transformational since it enhances the capability of apps. The gaming industry may use 5G’s speed to push mobile versions of high-demand titles such as Fortnite and Clash Royale.

5G enables the production of complicated and realistic AR and VR apps. It has the potential to stream HD 4K and 360-degree video. It can also introduce more networked IoT devices to the market.

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Voice technology advancements

Voice technology was formerly just marketed as a fun gimmick to entice clients in the near past. It has become a more popular app development trend for mobile and IoT platforms.

Voice search is preferred by many purchasers who have a smart speaker system. In contrast to typing, voice search provides a quick and hands-free experience that makes surfing more pleasurable for customers while also increasing store promotion.

A voice user interface is a distinctive way to develop a user interface. It uses a combination of speech recognition and machine learning to allow users to communicate with the app only via their voices. It brings a new level of personalisation to the table, which is crucial for customer conversion and retention.

Voice shopping advisers do exactly what they say. They guide customers around online marketplaces, making recommendations, answering questions, and notifying them of current sales and promotions.

It’s no wonder that individuals prefer talking to their Alexa or Google Nest than punching buttons.

Because of the crushing amount of isolation that many have experienced in the last year, and the demand for speech technologies is only expected to expand. Catering to this growing user group is a logical step for your company to improve telemarketing and increase customer satisfaction.

Instant apps and app clips

High conversion rates are necessary and difficult to achieve for mobile apps. You have seconds to attract a user’s attention and persuade them to install your software and even less time to convince them to remain. Instant applications are useful in this situation.

Instant applications are a vital element of the 2021 mobile app trends, allowing users to test out an app without downloading it. They retain a small amount of data locally and do not require users to install anything to utilise them.

One can open the app by simply clicking on the developer’s link on their social network or website. Outsource mobile application development to develop successful apps.

BuzzFeed and others are growing some other companies adopting quick applications in their mobile development to be on top of the game.

Foldable devices

Consumer desire for foldable electronics is growing despite the higher-than-average cost, suggesting that they may represent the future of mobile app development. The ability to morph is a key feature of folding screens. They can be used as a phone and then unfurled to become a medium-size tablet as needed.

Some gadgets can be folded rather than unfolded to save space. Samsung and LG are among the firms that provide foldable screens, with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold model being one of the most popular.

The trend presents a creative and technological challenge for app developers and an opportunity for smartphone manufacturers.

As the prices for foldable devices grow more reasonable for most people, developers should pay attention to this trend and adapt their programmes to support various types of panels, including folding displays.

Latest biometric authentication

In mobile development, biometric authentication usually refers to authenticating users using their fingerprints or face recognition. As the most recent mobile technology, Biometrics redefines customers’ expectations for how security should work in mobile apps.

Apps like Apple Pay and PayPal, for example, employ face recognition to identify users and give an extra layer of security for their bucks and data.

Using computer vision and other biometrics-processing technology, whether you are in finance, retail, or healthcare, will give your consumers an extra layer of security for their data and money.

Beacon tech

Beacon technology, which enables netizens to combine their online and physical experiences, is another hot topic in mobile development.

Beacons are small transmitters that interact with cell phones over Bluetooth in their most basic form. They may be used in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and nearly any other setting.

When a consumer enters a certain location, beacons send signals to the company’s app on their phone. This method may provide the user with real-time in-store navigation, customised promotions, discount notifications, and other information. There are a lot of app ideas for startups

Beacons are already available at Apple shops, and the relevant functionality is included in the companies’ apps.

Aruba Networks and Google also use beacon technology for indoor navigation and enhanced data collecting. Mobile app developers must consider beacon technology while developing reliable and useful apps as more areas become linked.

Mobile-first leisure

People spent roughly three hours every day on their phones before the outbreak of COVID. This amount already surpassed four hours six minutes in 2021, with three hours ten minutes devoted to mobile applications rather than web usage.

Due to pandemic constraints, leisure was the first industry to go digital, and people aren’t ready to give it up anytime soon.

In essence, the simplest of the new app development trends is mobile-first leisure: because customers prefer mobile platforms, your company should use them.

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GPS-based apps

One of the many multi-purpose mobile technology innovations that any company can incorporate GPS into your applications. Retailers, for example, may employ geolocation-based applications to help customers find their locations more quickly.

You won’t have to hunt up the nearest Walmart or IKEA every time you visit a new area—download their applications once, and they’ll automatically detect your position and direct you there.

Similarly, applications like Grubhub employ GPS to improve customer service by displaying customers where their delivery person is currently located and when they will arrive.

Geo-location based applications are beneficial in the automobile sector, travel and hospitality, sports, and dating apps, in addition to product delivery. This feature can be part of android app development.

Digital wallets

Mobile payments are another app innovation to keep an eye on in 2021. The financial business is booming, and utilising digital wallets has become second nature to customers, especially in an age where online buying and little personal interaction are commonplace.

Fintech companies can offer mobile wallets with contactless payment capabilities and in-app tickets, loyalty cards, coupons, and other items. Indeed, industry experts project that by 2025, each user of proximity payment technology will spend a considerable amount of money via mobile contactless payments.

While the most well-known apps and services in this area include PayPal, Paytm Wallet, and other Apps, other developing firms on the market give additional features.

To cater to freelancers and those forced to work from home owing to COVID-19 lockdowns, Owing, for example, includes time-tracking and invoicing capabilities within its digital wallet.

Shops may also have payment options in their applications that request access to customers’ mobile wallets and allow them to pay for items with a single click.

Mobile commerce

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, mobile app development has seen various new areas of attention, with m-commerce rising to the top with a high CAGR. Online buying isn’t a new concept.

The virus’s omnipresence and long-term lockdowns have prompted many individuals to try purchasing online for the first time. And many of them will continue to do so even after the epidemic has gone.

As seen by the immense success of Shopify and numerous more applications for anything from grocery delivery to all forms of retail, mobile commerce is one of the most steady and promising application trends.

Wearable devices

The market for wearable devices will increase, which implies that the demand for mobile apps that work with these devices will also rise.

Wearable technology offers great potential, especially in sports and healthcare. Smart wearable electronics like watches, and smart bands, appeal to people because they can measure and analyse crucial signals in real-time.

Machine Learning will also generate predictions and suggestions based on health indicators to identify diseases in their early stages. iOS app development can support this feature.

Virtual streaming services

Taking an online Gym class was a novelty before the epidemic. Now that live streaming is at the forefront of the current developments in mobile app development, it’s a new type of normality.

Platforms like ConnexMe, Hopin, Eventee, vFairs, SpotMe, and others have seen significant growth in the recent year. Zoom and Jitsi, for example, have gained in popularity, and this trend is expected to continue beyond 2022.


Although mobile applications are only one part of any IoT architecture, they connect individuals to their smart devices, autos, and entire houses.

The IoT is a system of connected objects that can communicate with the Internet. Among them are smartwatches, self-driving Tesla, and Control4 smart home systems.

In terms of app trends, IoT is a disruptor, and it has already begun to demand new standards for developers. Mobile developers must design applications that perform effectively on a range of devices as more consumers become aware of the benefits of IoT.

In addition, the Internet of Things allows developers to create new apps, allowing them to be more creative and exploratory.

Artificial reality & virtual reality

Since the release of Civilizations AR, virtual and augmented reality features in mobile software have increased dramatically. Civilizations AR is an augmented reality production from the BBC that amazingly offers an educational function. It enables users to engage with ancient artefacts by rotating, moving, and scaling them.

AR and VR are already being deployed for various applications other than game production, thanks to recent developments in smartphone apps.

VR in education delivers practical hands-on training experiences while being safe and relatively inexpensive. It is advantageous to the healthcare, aerospace, military, and industrial areas as well.

When utilized for online purchasing, AR and VR may potentially entice clients. It allows customers to ‘try on’ items using their phones, as well as marketing and house and property tours.

Enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise mobile applications are the popular business trends. Because they allow you to communicate with co-workers, employees, and customers from anywhere using your mobile device.

Enterprise applications are fantastic tools for managing and optimising business processes. These apps can be utilised on mobile devices to add to their appeal.

We might witness a spike in the number of medium and small businesses that want to incorporate enterprise mobility into their everyday operations. Because it would help them to improve productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. 

AI and machine learning

Machine learning allows for independent and deep analysis, with a huge range of applications in the mobile app development sector. 


It will get a deeper understanding of your users and provide better services. With more relevant recommendations, and enhanced experiences, you can increase customer retention and revenue.


Analytics will employ machine learning to gain a complete understanding of your business processes. It enables you to make better judgments, projections, and optimisation efforts.


To protect your users’ sensitive information, it employs machine learning as one of the top mobile developments in data security.

Convenience as well as a competitive edge

AI allows biometric identification and provides many solutions. It could be picture recognition, voice assistance, smart maps and others. It has been playing a game-changing role in user retention.


Mobile app development trends represent what clients want to see in software and what other businesses in your industry have previously implemented. It is critical to stay up with changing trends in the mobile business. You must also incorporate the most potent trends into your product if you want to develop a successful mobile app. Hire dedicated app developers to make successful mobile apps.

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