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Meditation App Development: Everything You Need to Know

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Being stress-free today is a challenge. People often uninstall social media applications to avoid the chaos all around the world, but do you think this is the ultimate solution?

Leading a stressful life, we have often involved yoga, meditation, and other workouts in our daily routine.

Smartphones have become so embedded in our lives that they cannot be removed; they are here to stay and are getting smarter each day.

So here is the chance and a big opportunity for you to develop a top-notch meditation application for your audience.

The rise of mindfulness and meditation apps has transformed how app users manage their stress today.

Let’s learn more about meditation apps and their potential benefits, which can help you quickly escalate your business

Meditation app development

What is a meditation app?

The meditation app is a phone application that helps you meditate and practice daily. It perfectly guides and assists you in learning the different meditation techniques according to your mental needs.

From deep breathing to mindfulness, it helps relax and elevate daily productivity. 

Let’s look at the types of meditation that you can use to meet your body’s and mind’s needs.

Types of meditation apps

Mobile applications are one of the easiest ways to reach a larger audience, but what is better than introducing meditation applications?

Several types of wellness applications need to be known and implemented in daily routines. We’ve researched and curated the best applications for you, so you don’t have to.

Let’s get into it without any further ado.

Guided meditation apps

Guided meditation apps are among the best types because they can provide audio and video recordings along with one meditation instructor who guides you throughout.

The instructor will help you develop the right meditation practice and reduce stress, improving your well-being.

Mindfulness apps

The mindfulness meditation app helps people practice all the mindfulness activities with the guide’s instructions. Mindfulness involves focusing on the present and not worrying about the future.

It involves multiple types of meditation, such as personally guided meditation, and mHeadspace Health is now in charge of managing it. It helps in developing mindfulness practices.

Yoga and meditation apps

This type of app is especially for those who do not have time to physically attend yoga or meditation classes.

The Yoga and Meditations app guides you through different levels and types of yoga, perfectly set in your daily routine.

Besides yoga, it has meditation-guided sessions to help you relax and lead a stress-free life.

Sleep meditation apps

The sleep meditation app helps individuals solve problems or struggle with sleeping and maintaining their sleep cycle.

These apps typically offer listening to calm music during bedtime sessions, which can lead to peaceful sleep. These applications help the individual according to their problem.

Plenty of customized options include a peaceful bedtime timer routine, which helps create a calm environment that allows you to sleep throughout.

Personalized meditation apps

Personalized meditation apps help customize the meditation experience for every individual according to preference.

They use customized meditation sessions that study algorithms that will help you achieve your goals and personal preferences.

Meditation acts differently for different individuals, and thus, every session is tailored for every individual.

Features of a meditation app

Each application is built differently for its purpose. Some core features are essential and basic for each application to build a rocking mobile application.

Easy onboarding

The meditation app is not for regular users; they need motivation to download and follow it. Onboarding should be simpler and involve fewer steps so that beginners stay motivated.

Meditation should be fun and pleasing, and users tend to stay curious to use the application further.

Sign up through email or social media

You can sign up for a meditation app using your email address or social media handle. This is a more convenient option for users and is simple to use according to their preferences and needs.

Content Library

The content library allows users to save their sessions, music, and other guided practice that will help them select and use it when needed for the sessions.

Offline mode

Offline mode is more convenient when there is no network or internet connection. This feature is especially useful when users want to meditate and continue with their sessions at places without connectivity.

Trackers and statistics

This feature includes metrics and the duration of meditation sessions, where the frequency of practice can be measured.

Metrics such as the duration of meditation sessions, days of meditation, and frequency of practices over a particular time are measured. This will help users stay motivated and track their journey with ease.

Reminder notifications

Reminders help remind users to stay consistent and continue their practice by sending reminders.

They can set their preferred schedule when they want to practice and meditate, and accordingly, reminders will be notified so that they never miss out on any sessions despite busy schedules.

Device integration

You can sync your meditation apps and your progress with the devices you use daily, such as smart watches, iPads, or other fitness trackers, to enable you to track progress on the go.

Payment renewal

It easily helps users subscribe again or purchase premium plans when needed with the payment renewal window.

It also ensures that the payment transaction is done safely and allows users to use the application with the recurring payment model to receive regular updates.

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How to make your meditation app: Steps to follow

Decide on a type and target audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the crucial parts of your research before realizing or even developing your application.

Divert the focus of your meditation apps more towards mindfulness, relaxation, or expert meditation practices that will help the audience choose a relaxing activity they prefer out of multiple options.

This will help you know what type of audience is choosing a relaxing activity.

Research your competitors

Competitor analysis is important as it provides information about what you can provide to your audience that others do not.

It helps quickly escalate the application in the market as it is differentiated from other existing applications.

Hire a team

It is important to have a skilled team by your side, including developers, designers, and content creators. You can hire a team from a development company, too.

This will help the application escalate easily and be perfectly visible in the market.


Developing a user-friendly application is one of the important parts, as it provides an engaging and visual design interface to users, which is more appealing and helps users stay intact in your application.

The design and user interface should align with the purpose that they are serving.


Develop very particular features and functionalities that accomplish the application’s goal and purpose.

It is important to develop the right technology to ensure application compatibility across multiple devices and platforms.

Add integration

Allow applications to integrate with third-party platforms, such as various payment options.

Users should seamlessly integrate with the features or platforms they use daily that serve the purpose of the meditation app.


Test the application numerous times and check all the small details with bugs or issues. Fix them immediately and test again.

Test inside and out and on multiple devices & multiple way before launching.

Release and support

Launch the app on both the App and Play Store stores so that maximum users can leverage the application’s functionalities with the updated features.

Do not forget to provide support, as users might feel stuck or have problems using the application, and real-time support can solve their issues immediately.

Track and analyze user engagement

It is important to monitor user engagement and see how they interact with the application. Keep track of the total number of downloads, active users, and session length that users choose.

This will help you gain insights into what changes are supposed to be made, and the goal should be to make the application user-centric.

Cost of building a meditation app

Developing an application will undoubtedly require a greater financial investment than anticipated. A single application involves various expenses.

Here are the list of things that will cost you to build a top-notch meditation app:

Apart from the manual support needed to build an app, there is an inside cost that needs to be taken care of, including the application’s features.

However, the cost always depends on the individual companies’ methods of creating an application and launching it in the market.

If we count on an average, the platform cost will be between $25000 and $35000. If a company is looking for more advanced features and is serving on both platforms, iOS and Android, it will cost almost double that.

At Zennaxx, we can help you build a versatile meditation app on a budget.

Planning Meditation App Development?

With extensive experience in app development and a deep passion for mindfulness, we’re dedicated to creating the best meditation app for you.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building a Meditation App Like Headspace: Keep It Small

Complexity of the App

The app’s complexity is defined by the application, including the number of features, design, user interface, multiple integration opportunities, and the development costs involved in building one application.

App Design

App design is always expected to be attractive and visually appealing. To do so, more resources are needed, which can lead to more monetary investment and spending compared to a simple design layout.

App Development Platform

The audience can be represented by both Android and iOS.

Choosing between both platforms is difficult, so it is always targeted that the app should be realized on both platforms, and that may take different development requirements and ultimately increase the cost.

Development Team Size

The larger the developing team, the more it will cost. Developing a top-notch meditation app indeed requires the help of experts and experienced developers, and they will always demand higher rates than average developers.

Meditation App Development Stages

Development stages include anything from 1 to 10, including planning, developing, execution, implementation, and marketing. All these stages are challenging and require the utmost cost.

Features to Include

To develop an application means it should be different from the already existing applications on the market.

To develop apps with various meditation programs and include features, those features will surely stand out from other applications on the market but increase the cost of development.


Due to this lifestyle, stress impacts everything from eating to sleeping. Making a meditation app is a unique way for business owners to boost customer health and happiness.

Software that brings calm to pandemonium can tap into a booming demand.

Zennaxx has expert teams that can help you create a fantastic meditation app. We’ll support you throughout the process to make your app stand out and improve users’ lives.

Working with us helps your clients live healthier, more balanced lives, placing your meditation app at the top of a growing industry.

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