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Flutter For MVP Development: Why Startups should opt for it?

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Every discussion about Time-Saving Mobile Application Development techniques has centred on Flutter and the Minimum Viable Product philosophy. When it comes to opting for mobile app development, the most critical component is typically the product design time. 

Developing a new mobile application without first evaluating your concept might be disastrous! Early feedback is essential to determining the market’s desire to acquire the product.

It is one of the simplest and most often used startups worldwide to validate their business plan. Utilizing an MVP to validate their concept in the market is a critical first step in avoiding future disappointment by leveraging the services of app development companies.

In this blog, we will look at the strengths of Flutter and MVP and how they work in tandem to benefit both. But first, let us examine why they are so critical to the app market.

What makes MVP necessary?

MVP is a simple term that refers to the simplest version of an application that addresses a problem. MVPs are extremely popular in the app industry, particularly among entrepreneurs aiming to prove their concepts in the market.

The concept behind MVP for mobile app development is straightforward: construct a stripped-down version of your app with a handful of unique features and share it with a small group of users to measure their reaction to the offerings. What follows is tailoring the app to the user’s feedback.

Additionally, verifying a company idea gets easier when you have a working prototype of your product. According to statistics, almost 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months of receiving their first funding due to insufficient market research.
An MVP for mobile app development serves as a tool that enables the full potential of a concept or vision to be realized. As a result, you can design appropriate directions for your firm.

Those That Adopt Minimum Viable Product Can:

  • Launch their product quickly and within a specified budget
  • Identify the proper audience and save considerable app development time
  • Improve their product further by obtaining user feedback
  • Save time, money, and resources by investing in a project that is likely to succeed.

It is always preferable to start with the basic model and limited features. Big companies even follow this approach.

However, most businesses fail to develop an effective MVP!

If Businesses Have Their Idea Validated, Then What Makes It Fail?

It is because they are unable to:

  • Determine the customer’s requirements.
  • Ensure compatibility across platforms.
  • Integrate the essential features.
  • Adhere to current technological trends.

However, for any MVP to flourish in a competitive market, it is always required to conduct extensive market research and to have a unique selling point.

Additionally, app development companies must leverage new technologies to enhance service, efficiency, and production.

There are numerous advantages associated with MVP traits. –

Testing the Idea at an early stage

The entrepreneur’s concept is their creation, a masterpiece of innovation. Even while every business owner feels their business idea will guarantee success in the market, there is no ignoring the fact that this idea, in and of itself, does not ensure success.

Quick Overview: What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google-developed cross-platform development framework that enables high-performance native apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Check out Google’s Video on Flutter 

Flutter is Open Source, and that is best for an MVP Development because –

  • You can experiment with mobile app development without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on licensing fees.
  • It benefits from a wider community.
  • It speeds up the development process and automates most of the more demanding tasks.
  • Built-in tools and functions are accessible via a robust user interface enabled by app development companies that contributes to the creation of an interactive user interface.

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Why is Flutter a right choice to turn your startup app idea successful?

The only way to determine this is to introduce an MVP into the market and let a select group of potential customers utilize it. The benefits of MVPs extend beyond just presenting your concept; they also include eliciting input on images associated with solutions and doing market research.

Reduced Development Costs

As a member of an app development business, one can tell you that the more features and functions you include in your application, the more resources will be required to build it, which means the cost will be higher.

Save Time & Effort

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind while building a firm is how inexpensive it is to implement new features. When determining if your efforts have the desired effect, use an MVP offered by app development companies. In turn, this will allow startups to direct their efforts more effectively.

Approaching to the Potential Investors

Attracting investors to your concept or project is not easy. However, what helps the most in this scenario is to arrive with a tangible, functional model of your software rather than a diagrammatic depiction.

When an investor sees an MVP for mobile app development in user interaction graphs, their odds of becoming hooked on the app are significantly higher than when they only see an idea.

Why is Flutter an Eminent part of the App Industry? What exactly is Flutter? Why are you fluttering?

These are some of the most fundamental and frequently asked questions by anyone considering designing an app. Today, we will address the question – Flutter is an incredible software development kit created by Google a few years ago.

Flutter was created with one goal in mind: to provide the world of apps with something it has been missing for a lot longer. Flutter comes with a slew of advantages that make it an ideal cross-platform mobile application development framework. 


Here are a few examples:

Hot Reload– Any changes made to the app’s code are immediately visible to developers on their screen without recompiling the code, which saves both the developer and the app owner valuable time.

Code reduction– Flutter is written in the Dart programming language. Dart is well-known for having the fewest lines of code of any language on the market.

Customized Widgets– Flutter includes Native-like widgets and the ability to customize them based on the user’s demands.

Now that we have established what Flutter and MVP bring to the app business on their own, let us examine how they complement one another and the benefits of developing an MVP with Flutter.

Why choose Flutter for MVP?

Attractive Designs That Draw Investors

Investors are critical for the success of any firm or startup. To entice an investor, your MVP must be visually appealing. Flutter includes a massive variety of UI features and engaging designs, which may attract an investor.

For both Android and iOS, the Flutter SDK supports Material Design, Cupertino, motion, including visually oriented widgets.

Flutter app development offers accessible widgets and enables developers to tweak them to meet their design requirements.

Accelerated App Development Process

With Flutter, developers spend substantially less time developing an MVP. All of this is possible because of the SDK’s Hot Reload functionality. This feature significantly simplifies the process of viewing the app’s modifications concurrently. This significantly reduces development time.

In general, the experimenting process becomes faster because the current version does not require as much coding as the older version.

Creating Cost-Effective Applications

Cost constraints were formerly one of the most significant impediments to any firm establishing a mobile application. On the other hand, Flutter provides a solution by enabling cross-platform app creation using a single code base. This simplifies the process of developing for two platforms while maintaining a low development cost.

MVP Helps Developing Apps at Low-Cost: How Flutter Helps Cost-Effective Mobile App Development?

Developing apps on both platforms are now free of cost.

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework; therefore, it is enough for developers to write a single code base to build an app for both platforms. Entrepreneurs will have the same app across both iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, app development companies can help you access native app functionality, enabling the creation of pixel-perfect apps. Whether you are a little business or a large enterprise, Flutter’s cross-platform app development support allows you to enter the mobile world quickly and affordably.

MVP Saves Time Developing a Finished Product: How Flutter Helps to Build Apps Faster

With Flutter’s hot reload functionality, developers may view changes to the app’s code immediately. When modifications are made to the program, they are instantly accessible to the developers, simplifying and expediting the process.

Developers, designers, and testers may collaborate effectively to alter the effect quickly and improve the app’s appearance. Developers typically take seconds/minutes to add features, correct issues, and experiment faster using hot reload since they do not need to write an entirely new build.

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MVP Attracts Investors: How Flutter Helps in Making an Attractive


The utilization of a diverse range of user interface features, cutting-edge technology, and dynamic designs consistently attracts customers.

Flutter, on the other hand, takes the ‘Everything is a Widget’ approach. It supports Material Design and Cupertino, a collection of aesthetic, behavioural, and motion-rich widgets that make programs look great on iOS and Android devices.

What distinguishes Flutter is that it supports predefined widgets and allows for the creation of custom Flutter widgets. Additionally, Flutter features 2D GPU-accelerated APIs, which enhance app animations’ smoothness and attractiveness and enable the development of rich UI and UX.

Its extensive theme library enables developers to design themes specifically for Android and iOS devices, each delivering the optimal user interface on the respective platform. This comprehensive set of UI components empowers the development of more user-friendly, simple-to-use, and exciting applications.

With Minimum Resources, You Can Develop MVP: How Flutter Builds Apps with Faster Go-To-Market and Record Time

Firebase is integrated with Flutter!

To put it simply, Firebase is Google’s Backend-as-a-Service, which eliminates the need for server-side code, resulting in faster and easier development.

It has various capabilities like analytics, authentication, cloud functions, crash reporting, hosting, cloud storage, and a real-time database, enabling developers to create robust, secure, and scalable applications on top of world-class infrastructure.

Because such integrated technologies eliminate the need for the business to invest in back-end infrastructure, it becomes simple to construct a Server-less application. With these capabilities, the software may be delivered more quickly and efficiently.

Using Firebase to build the MVP enables you to maintain a successful business. Google is continually updating Firebase to ensure that every feature keeps up with the newest technology trends.

On A Final Note: Is Flutter the Right Choice For MVP?

To sum up, Flutter is the best bet:

  • If you are looking for a fully functional application that makes use of developing technologies at a reasonable price
  • If you are searching for a long-term solution for developing applications with lightning-fast rendering and go-to-market capabilities.
  • If you are seeking a platform that allows you to transform your imagination into graphic user interfaces.

Flutter provides an excellent opportunity to create stunning, high-performance, and amazing mobile applications tailored to your specific demands and requirements. As a result, it is unquestionably the greatest option.

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Nitesh Rathod

Flutter Developer
Nitesh D. Rathod is an experienced Flutter developer with over 8 years of experience in mobile app development, specializing in Flutter, Kotlin, and Java. Known for his innovative solutions, he consistently delivers seamless cross-platform applications, showcasing his commitment to excellence. Nitesh’s commitment to excellence and a proven track record make him a trusted leader at the forefront of mobile development.


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